1hive - Shapeshift Partnership (HNY-FOX LP) Vote 1 of 2

I understand your point sir … 1hive gat a name to defend … And can’t be decided by me or anyone…

What specific action or allegation are you accusing me of dude? That the government agencies are “watching me?” Yes welcome to crypto.

If there is a specific allegation of wrong-doing, let me know and let’s explore it. Otherwise, enough with the unsubstantiated shade.


personally, i like the way erik thinks. i wish more people in ethereum land had the courage to stand up to governments the way he does


Appreciate you bringing this up, wasn’t aware of this part of ShapeShift’s history personally.

From what I’m reading it sounds like ShapeShift was used for some amount of laundering 4+ years ago, and since then took standard crypto KYC and AML measures that any centralized service does now, at the cost of a lot of its users:

Technology Review. Whoever ShapeShift’s users are, there are apparently a lot fewer now than there were before October 2018. That’s when ShapeShift made a big change to its policy: it stopped letting users trade without providing identification information, a move made to comply with anti-money-laundering regulations. Erik Voorhees, the company’s CEO, recently said the change “essentially gutted” its customer base.

As much as it sucks, I don’t think there’s any crypto service from 2013-17 that wasn’t being used for criminal activity, and some like BitInstant were actively enabling, which ShapeShift clearly was not.

100% agree that we need to fully vet projects we are partnering with like this, but this looks like outdated and overinflated bad press to me.

btw I’d still like to hear your concerns with the Olympus Pro protocol on the other thread please: 1hive to Diversify/Build it's Reserve - #7 by paul


Thanks for this clarification paul… Proper research should always be embarked on before undergoing partnership with any DAO… because some don’t have pure intentions…now looking at what you said concerning the allegations being outdated and overinflated… what we have to investigate is if charges are being pressed and what the organization is doing to truncate those charges/allegations…
Please let’s contribute to this too

Just wanted to say – I know there’s a lot of newcomers into the space that might not be very familiar with the blockchain industry’s history including the hardships and prosecution that had to be endured by a handful of early titans – Erik being one of them. I think Jon does a great job here explaining the long term visions and goals of the DAO..

That being said, today we have reached enough votes for a soft quorum pass, so I think it’s safe to assume that the D2D collaboration will most likely be moving forward. Looking forward to building a more equal world with you guys :mechanical_arm:


Shapeshift’s proposal has passed! With 98.5% approval :slightly_smiling_face:


Proposal 2 of 2 for this partnership is now up in the Honeypot: Honey Pot


As a sign of good will going into this partnership and honoring the original proposals, it was decided to keep the 950 FOX/HNY peg, even though at the moment its about 740 FOX/HNY. Enjoy the considerable FOX discount, and let’s go get that honayyy! :pray:


It should be 950 fox/hny…why reduced to 740 fox/hny

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Yes, like I said, the swap will go on at 950 FOX / HNY. (Hint: it’s better for your treasury!)



Okay thanks for the clarification :handshake:


100% in favor of this. In fact, might be a great time for those who aren’t rich or HNY wealthy to get 1 whole HNY as this is most likely (imo) the driving reason that FOX token was launched on xDai by the people over at ShapeShift. The goal to decentralize that began with the airdrop (largest ever on Ethereum to date I believe in terms of USD value) and it continues forward to… us. At our DAO :)… HNY is amazing.


Doubt this would pass, but I would move my liquidity from sushiswap to honeyswap if this passed.


In favour of this 101%

The partnership would be beneficial to the 1Hive community. And also to Shapeshift community too! I hope it works out well.

This is actually great. The Shapeshift 400k liquidity that would be on Honeyswap is fantastic. Great Partnership.

This is superb! I had no idea a document could look this good.

Gnosis Safe address where the liquidity from this proposal lives: 0x25A6343E69CE6cd7a2c34536595341Cb6b038c5F


good!ps will make chinese market?

welcome to the discourse @kokol <3

Any updates on this partnership? I’d be willing to throw some of my cash in upcoming weeks at $HNY and $FOX to make LP pool depth :slight_smile: I have long been following the ShapeShift project especially since they decided to decentralize. Great move by Erik Voorhees and co. (EV is a legendary figure in Bitcoin history and partnering with any effort by him - or people like him - who pioneered mainstream consumer cryptocurrency adoption is a good move for us at 1hive!)

1hive has hosted a shapeshift trivia, and 1hive tv has covered several shapeshift updates. As for liquidity mining the closest we have for these two is HNY-ELK and FOX-ELK can both be farmed on elk finance. HNY can be farmed else where but nothing else on xdai for FOX atm. Next step is some work needed to deploy a HNY-FOX LP that pays out FOX rewards.