Airdrop needs to happen "NOW"

The dynamic issuance possibly will also likely be set up to increase/reduce the supply in the community pool to target a ratio of total token supply. So if revenues are higher than outflows, the total supply would decrease over time.

(warning, not set in stone yet, but this is the idea that luna is converging on)

You cannot change money supply as you want. You would have to increase number of coins of all holders accordingly (either you devaluate its value). If this is feasible… i agree that counting with 0.0000x HNY is annoying.

On the other side, airdrop for new people coming (not current members) makes sense as a promotion. 100 HNY is just enough (could be less). Let’s make it as a competition (or airdrop to all) with a wide spreading thought-out promotion. However, the project should be prepared in a good shape in order people have great experience and HNY are spend effectively. Eg. it would be good to simplify bridging (so your grandma can do it easily) and simplify get started info.

LOL, sounds good cupcake!

nop, don’t recommend it. The price will go higher, just give it time, we just need to create a need for people to come in with new projects. Giving without any merit will only sink it more.

The price is irrelevant, the object is to compete and effectively market. I think we are considering two very different vantage points. Long term value versus short term price, honestly I’ve stopped debating this topic. I think the project has a lot moving in the right direction, and key points that should be addressed in the near term. Guys, I respect your opinions, feedback, and participation; however, I don’t want to debate the airdrop topic, what I consider a brilliant marketing move - the project is not prepared for at this time! Also, the topic is pointless to discuss, if I don’t reply to these posts any longer, that is why!

I really don’t understand people who keep suggesting we do an UNI-like airdrop expecting it to have the same effects .

Uniswap created a governance token out of thin air and airdroped it to a number of early adopters. We already have a governance token, namely HNY and it’s already in the hands of the early adopters.

So it’s too late for us to do an UNI-like airdrop, doing one right now would be like asking all UNI holders to vote on airdroping a huge amount of UNI to thousands of addreses. That’s ridiculous and no UNI holder would vote on it, as well as no HNY holder would ever vote on a proposal that dilutes their share and dumps the value of their holdings.


I totally agree with this proposition, airdropping the pot gives it a whole lot of publicity than what we currently have, an example is the newly airdrop honey badger, the publicity honey badger got as a result of the airdrop was massive, and I think an airdrop consideration will give the token a better valuation and publicity.

Airdrop is a very good operation model to get more people to pay attention and start understanding HNY. just need to consider the airdrop model.


its 1000 . become true .to the moon .

Airdrops are usually for new coins to get them into circulation. Airdropping an established coin, unless that’s the token model from the outset, like Badger, seems kind of desperate.
There will be airdrops from the 1Hive community.
I doubt the airdrops will be Honey is all.

1Hive is a community and the contribution is rewarded and preferred to an airdrop that does not bring any long term commitment. Besides, the upsides of this operation do not look particularly interesting and I also disagree as other people. Of course, someone can make a proposal for an airdrop, but HNY’s price is rising, xDai chain is growing and more projects are landing. HNY is over 6months old and not a newly minted token. And 33hny are distributed weekly through pollen.
I can add that by sticking around I could offer my help and earn extra hny and participate in airdrops from other projects thanks to the 1Hive community

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