Alvin and the Dripp-ocalypse

No one in BuzzDAO is a developer, so I’m not sure what help you wanted from them so that the coins you coded wouldn’t be classic rug pulls.

You represented that coding/forking the farms and NFTs was something you had done, could do, wasn’t difficult, and would be absolutely no problem.

You even lied and said you’d tested the code before your first failed deployment attempt.
It’s all the lying, really, as much as your cavalier attitude about other people’s money and your protracted refusal to accept responsibility and apologize.

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I can’t respond to someone who is just making up blatantly false narratives.

I’m not sure you understand what rug pull means.

not 5% of supply. Proposal is 5% of sourcecred payout each week same as we give to source cred. It’s not retro active

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Luke, great I do not mind kick starting this. I may be a little slow as I am not full time on this but will chip away at this. Also twells has offered to help which is great. I think I will start first my making a list of devs that I will need to have a chat with and then come up with a set of questions that would allow me to pool data to put together a draft and then move it forwards! Will set up a forum thread and try to post progress when I get to a point where it is reportable.


How can we know that the person who “accidentally” compromised the contract key is not the same person who stole all the value? Anyone made some chain analysis? I mean this is a common rugpull practice after all.

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I was studying the OUSD (Origin Protocol USD) hacking accident for this suggestion. If you want to know how the hacking is going on can be seen here.

In the latest edit of the article, they offer a compensation in a form of new OUSD and OGN token. I wonder if Shenanigan’s team could do compensations to legit addresses just like what Origin Protocol regarding to the ALVIN hacking. Since Alvin have underlying assets which are the Alvin plushie and NFT related with AGVE, i think Shenanigan’s team can start to do compensation in a form of of the underlying assets for those who are holding at least 1 ALVIN and for those who are having under 1 ALVIN should be compensated with the new version of ALVIN. The address that should be eligible of this compensation should be person who are interacting legitimately with smart contracts made by Shenanigan’s team. Starting taking records of current ALVIN hodlers with their balance, blacklisting illegal addresses, whitelisting of all legitimate ALVIN hodlers. In a form of verification maybe Shenanigan’s team can make a compensation claim smart contracts with integrations of Discord and 3box. If their Discord and 3box address is having the same Github or Twitter username and they are in the 1Hive Discord server or Shenanigan Discord server then they can claim compensations based on the current ALVIN holding in the future. For official 1hive swarms multisig addresses, they should be whitelisted in the contracts for compensation in a form of 100% ALVIN based on the current holding. For illegal addresses, they should can’t claim in the compensation contract even the verification check for the address is passed for Discord and 3box. So this compensation could reduce the new ALVIN minted in the blockchain. Regarding to the new ALVIN initial liquidity, i suggest to start with $10000 in a form of new ALVIN and XDAI, so it will be $5000 ALVIN and $5000 Xdai. The xdai funds should be splitted between 1Hive and Shenanigan. Then Shenanigan’s team should build back the trust in order to increase more organic liquidity.

Anyone could correct my suggestion or make a new suggestion to perfectionize the resolution.

A rug pull in the colloquial sense in crypto is minting a ton of tokens and then emptying pools with your new tokens. As meta says this is a perfect example.

Your lackadaisical attitude throughout this saga has been pretty mind blowing, and if a colleague at my day job showed this attitude toward their own failures I don’t know that they’d be my colleague very long.

When the original Alvin overminting issue came to light and you offered to reimburse with your own funds I was against it, but now I wish I’d pressed harder then, too.

At this point I believe your name and keys to be toxic mud. I would never trust a multisig that you were a signer on, and I simply wouldn’t merge any code that came from you. I couldn’t possibly trust it without doing so much vetting that I might as well have written it myself.


If you’re accusing me of doing a rug pull directly, that’s just plain outright slander.

If youre trying to disenfranchise me, go ahead. I can take it

No, of course there is no concrete evidence that you yourself intended to execute the rug pull or benefited from it. However, even were I to level a direct accusation at you, it would not be slander: we are communicating mainly through text and so it would be libel. :wink:

Remember that thing I said about how your attitude toward this throughout the whole thing has been pretty mind blowing?

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People are focused on the negative impacts your project had on other pending projects in terms of reputation damage and they care about the 10k lost to the small liquidity provider community on honeyswap.

Their criticisms and mistrust and lack of desire to be affiliated with you come from how you are choosing to respond to these issues. By focusing on empty apologies and deflecting responsibility and getting super self defensive - instead of providing solutions.

These are all making your situation worse.

If you or your social group were not the rug pullers, it doesn’t matter, cause the same issues still need to be solved. And people will still attach this to your reputation because you ran point on this project.

This is basically the villain prequel story for a black hat anon serial rug pull dev on BSC.

You can still choose to end this drama in a constructive way, eat some crow and come up with a way to offer 10k back to those lp providers and at least people will say - he tried to make it right.

Now you are just alienating yourself and also not solving the problems that need to be solved.


Project was a mess since the 3 launches and the lack of communication around other people being able to claim your staking rewards, not surprised something else happened. Bad luck to all holders affected by this, this sucks

This is very interesting, I think perhaps we could use a graphic like this in the new onboarding interface.
However, at the same time, perhaps as Luke stated-

  • A list on celeste can potentially be more specific, maybe this graphic, or something similar can be listed on Celeste? (though this graphic might not match the styling on Celeste, but good place to start, I guess)

Slander you have to prove it isn’t true.

Libel have to prove it is untrue and that it’s meant to harm reputation. Think you’re safe.

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I am invested in Shenanigans and Agave and i know this is pretty serious and all. Buuuuut i can’t help myself here. Knowing the Chipmunks, and knowing Alvin, and knowing the “Shenanigans” “Alvin” “pulls”, shouldn’t we have all expected this? Where Alvin pulls a shenanigan and at the end of the day we’re all yelling “AAALVIIIN!!!” ?
News headline reads:


Just never let this guy do anything in the future. He is careless, arrogant and incompetent.


Yes. Sorry not sorry Victor. You need to do a lot of growing up and getting honest with yourself before anyone in this space will trust you again. I have not joined those saying you did this intentionally. But your lies - like claiming you wrote Unisocks to get buy in -, incompetence, inability to take responsibility, shifting blame and immature lashing out at people that you’ve harmed is almost as bad. You need to do some serious self reflection, offer a sincere apology, and come back when you’re more responsible. Even then you’ll need to do a lot of hard work without drama or fuckups before anyone will take you seriously. Or, move on to a different space without working on yourself, exaggerate your accomplishments here, and repeat this pattern again. Your choice. I hope you do the right thing. You seem like a good kid, and perhaps there is some responsibility in the hive for trusting someone with kid in their name, created a community named Shenanigans and project project named Alvin. Despite adults in the rooms expressing concerns.

Come back YoungManWarrior, atone for your Shenanigans, work hard without major fuckups, and maybe you can work in this space again.


This is atrocious!! Anyways my first time here and nice read hope it gets sorted!

Not sure if you’ve read it yet, but the post mortem was written here

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Not really going to respond to this troll reply

Here is the post mortem for you to read