Hi there, my name is Simone Ruggeri, I am a web3 Product Manager and Project Manager.
I am involved as a PM in dOrg, and I follow 1Hive since a few months, and I am a HNY token holder.

I want to present to 1Hive community a project I am working on with couple friends:


We have a series of slide to present our idea, please don’t call it a pitch deck, but it’s basically a pitch deck: Daoland.Finance official - Google Slides

The idea is to launch it as a Gardens Dao, and to leverage Bright ID for community building and sybil resistance.

One idea that came out is to ask a small Grant to 1Hive community and to Bright ID community, to be used to bootstrap liquidity pools for our token.

The amount we were oriented was something like 100 honey and 50k bright, something in the order of 40k USD.

We are happy to have members of 1Hive and Bright as DAO signers and as part of the founding team, and the reason why we think this grant would be important is that this would be a kind of validation for our idea and for our project.

The main value we think we could bring to this communities (and more in general to community first DAOs) is adoption, and the possibility to run one or more stablecoin fund raises (for example with a bonding curve) together, and having built a common good.

Let’s chat about it, welcome to hear any comment or proposal !


Hey Simone thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m working on a solution for situations like yours where new Gardens DAOs need to bootstrap liquidity, based on the recent partnership proposals for shared liquidity with Shapeshift and Bright DAO. Those proposals have worked out great so far but aren’t scalable because of Honey’s supply parameters.

The idea is to create a Veneto Garden (dynamic issuance) whose token’s sole purpose is to provide shared liquidity for Gardens DAOs to help bootstrap liquidity. LP funding would be approved the same way - through Common Pool proposals, with a tiered system to match liquidity amount to the community’s needs. This Garden would have custom CV + DI parameters for this specific use case.

I’m hoping to have a proposal forum post up for discussion within the next couple weeks - I’ll dm you in discord when it’s up!