Future Celeste Implementation Brainstorm

This thread is created to bring out ideas that we could further use Celeste than what we already have set it out to do

Celeste as Buy & Sell Insurance

We know that Celeste will be an application developed to mitigate disputes by having a jury solve issues that arise.

An idea has stuck into my head which would be awesome if we could get a brainstorm on. The idea is to build out a Escrow platform.


Escrow.com is a widely used website that users can feel safe by transacting with strangers. You can buy and sell anything you want it could be a service, physical item, digital item etc…the users at hand dictate the terms and Escrow acts a the middleman to insure the seller fulfills the buyers needs.

If we are able to build a similar platform we will be able to offer the first escrow service that can use crypto currencies to transact with the buyers and the sellers. This will bring in a new wave of people that can use our services both for Celeste stakers and the future application as a whole.