Honey Stream - 1Hive LLC

Honey Stream - 1Hive LLC

1Hive LLC is a for-profit legal entity and does not have any special authority over Honey or the 1Hive DAO. Its primary purpose is to help serve 1Hive by maintaining community spaces, participating in community governance, and communicating our vision for the community.

1Hive LLC helped develop and deploy the 1Hive DAO, and currently maintains a number of important assets for the 1Hive community including the 1hive.org domain, this forum, and the 1hive discord server. 1Hive LLC is owned and operated by Luke Duncan aka @lkngtn.

This is a streaming proposal to support the continued contribution of 1Hive LLC. If you like what 1Hive LLC is doing, please consider adding your support to the proposal in the 1Hive DAO.

Our vision for 1Hive

Through iteration and experimentation, 1Hive becomes an exemplary decentralized autonomous organization which successfully leverages Honey to recognize and reward its contributors.

Operational Priorities

1Hive LLC is currently working in a complete revamp of the 1Hive.org website, the goal of the revamp is to better articulate what 1Hive is, and how people can get involved, and why they should bother. As part of that process we are sharing our progress and actively engaged in discussions on the discord (you’ll need the Sage role to see the channels)

We are working on making the discord a more compelling community space. We host a community call in the cafe voice channel every Thursday at 7pm UTC, and intend to improve channel organization, roles, and the new member flow to better align with the revamped 1Hive.org website.

On a longer time horizon, we hope to build sufficient support to make significant improvements to the Honey protocol. This is still very much in an exploratory phase, but we think we have learned enough from the current iteration of Honey that a next iteration is warranted. Some likely changes would include a shift from aragonOS to Gnosis Safe, the introduction of a membership registry, quadratic conviction voting, and reputation weighted dispute resolution.


Updates on previous operational priorities:

  1. Work on revamping the 1hive.org website has stalled. A work in progress version is available here, however, based on early feedback from community members a more visual, less text-heavy, approach was desired.
  2. Channels in the discord have been streamlined, Guild.xyz is active and allows Honey holders (need 25 Honey for the acolyte role) to gain access to private channels. The Gardens team has since created their own server for coordinating development and user support.
  3. Upgrades to the Honey protocol, there was lots of discussion related to this, but there isn’t a clear direction yet, it may be the case that we can leverage gardens v2, but I’m not involved in those developments.

Current priorities:

  • 1Hive LLC continues to be an active participant in governance and discussions related to Honey.
  • 1Hive LLC continues to own and operate 1hive.org, forum.1hive.org, and the 1Hive discord server.
  • I’m currently advocating for 4% per year of the value of 1Hive’s treasury to be converted over time into Honey and returned to the common pool. Please see my draft proposal and the discussion for a detailed rationale.
  • As always Im interested in supporting or contributing to initiatives which help 1Hive to succeed, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of assistance.