Honey Stream - Gabi 🐝

Honey Stream - Gabi :honeybee:

Hi I am Gabi :wave: have been an active contributor to 1Hive since it’s inception. I am presenting this proposal to provide clarity on the value proposition I bring to our community, especially given the recent establishment of Honey streams for active contributors.


  • Over 4 years of experience working with DAOs.
  • Deep comprehension of blockchain technology coupled with advanced understanding of smart contract development.

Key Contributions to 1Hive:

  • Dandelion Template: Contributed to our first formal governance structure, adapting a Moloch-style DAO.
  • Educative Efforts: Crafted a series of solidity development lectures under Morphosis Swarm.
  • Gardens Development: Played a pivotal role in leading the development of Gardens.
  • Fluid Proposals: Initiated the idea, executed it, and prototyped Fluid Proposals.
  • Onboarding: Help several contributors to learn the ropes on the web3 space.
  • Community Building: Fostered camaraderie and made lasting friendships within the community.

Vision for 1Hive:

I envision 1Hive not merely as a DAO or a community but as an incubator for disruptive ideas and a safe haven for innovators. I see us as a group that challenges the norm, liberates individuals to experiment, and promotes the sharing of ideas. We leverage web3 tools that coupled with Honey acts as the sweet sticky sugar that brings these visions to reality :honey_pot:.

Current and Future Participation:

  • I am now dedicating part-time contributions to 1Hive, primarily acting in an advisory role to current contributors.
  • I am planning the update of the Fluid Proposals smart contract. This will streamline the utilization of the Common Pools funds, obviating the need for recurrent proposals every time funds deplete.
  • I am exited by the ongoing discussions concerning the next version of the Honey protocol. I am actively participating in these deliberations and anticipate contributing substantively once development commences.


I am committed to the growth and evolution of 1Hive. My contributions, both past and planned, manifest my dedication to our shared goals. I am optimistic about our journey ahead and humbly request the community’s consideration for a stream of Honey.