[NFT][FARMING] New SNAFU Farms - Discussion

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I generally like this structure as it give opportunity to farm with all kind of involvement in the project.
Only thing i would adjust is min/max in Rare NFT Farm to 300-600 LP and keep artist fee flat 3 XDAI.

Hey … thanks for the udpate. With regards to Collection Leftovers #1 Farm - I thought the minimum was 100 SNAFU from memory as you wanted to give everyone an opportunity. I am in the farm with under 1000 SANFU and would like to HODL it there, would be good to re-consider the minimum may be to 200? Could vote if needed.

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Good catch! That was actually a typo copied from the farm info. Min is 100$SNAFU and will remain that way. We will update.

The idea was to use 5$ fee on nfts with lowest points and 3$ on those with higher points to incentivate people to keep farming instead of instantly redeeem.

Hola , la granja 1 hasta que se canjeen los ultimos nft estara activa?

In order to make the farms more sustainable and scalable, we decided to make some changes.

Farms will still be 3, but they won’t be divided by collection but by rarity.

  • In Farm #1 you will find new NFTs or leftovers of Collection #1 and #2 with more than 25 editions.
    Min/max is 100/2000 $SNAFU

  • In Farm #2 you will find new NFTs or leftovers of Collection #1 and #2 with editions between 10 and 25.
    Min/max is 220/500 LP

  • In Farm #3 you will find only new NFTs with less than 10 editions.
    Min/max is 400/800 LP
    (we removed the fees, since we found a better agreement with our artists)

Farms will go live in 1 hour.

Our new farms are live!

Just so that users can get a view what is the present value of 220 LP? or may be what is the value of 1LP token at current price?

SNAFU-WXDAI LP at current price is $ 0.58
So 220 is around 128$, 500 LP is 290$
400 LP is 232$ and 800 LP is 464$

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