Proposal: Twitter tipping bot refund

Twitter tipping bot refund

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
After I came up with the idea of doing a twitter giveaway link , you guys reacted very supportive so we went through with it !
Because we wanted to do it as fast as possible, I offered to fund the tipping bot balance for our twitter account with $25. Because of the high gas fees on mainnet, I bought ETH directly because I found it cheaper than bridging DAI from xDai to Mainnet and converting it to ETH. So I ended up buying $35 worth of ETH.
Proof of purchase:

Balance proof:
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Amount of HNY requested: 0.12 HNY (~$35)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0x28800D83b4cD12bc4aF2E60a7056291bfF3e6Bb6

Link to proposal:

Hi! Would definitely support this. Thank you for your good work again. Is there a link to the proposal?

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Thanks, @Rayne !
Here is the link
I also included it in the original post.

@therealmo Very interesting i will support this, can you explain how the bot functions I am curious what can we do with it and how it can be used for tipping, we could make mini airdrops for educating people about 1hive , honeyswap and xdai chain i imagine…

It looks like this cv proposal has been unseen for some time. I voted, and the money should be refunded to you in some days. Thanks for the initiative!

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