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This topic is a repost from the TEC forum educating DAOs and Commons Communities about Disputable Voting. (Writing credit to myself for the original article)

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Delegated Voting

One of the unique mechanics in Disputable Voting is the ability for DAO members to vest their voting powers to another member, this member thus becoming a ‘Delegate’. Delegates will be able to use their vested voting power to cast votes on behalf of their Delegator.

Delegators are able to veto their portion of a Delegates vote once its cast in the event that a Delegate votes contrary to the Delegator’s preference. Delegates, same as all other voters can only vote ONCE and cannot take back their vote once it has been cast.

What is the Delegated Voting Period?

This is the period of time, within the Vote Duration, when delegates can cast votes that have been vested to them. When this period ends delegates can no longer vote.

Implications & Parameter Options

This parameter is set in days. It is limited by the Vote Duration since it cannot extend past the total eligible voting duration of a proposal.

The main intention of having a separate period for delegate voting is to give time for voters to verify how their delegate voted and if necessary to veto them.

Suggested Range

Anywhere from 20% to 80% of the Vote Duration is suggested to leave open for Delegates to vote. However, since this parameter is expressed in days it is suggested to round to the nearest whole day.


The Vote Duration is 9 days.
The desired Delegated Voting Period is 60% of the Vote Duration, which equals 5.4 days.
For sanity and simplicity we round down to a whole number giving us 5 days for the Delegated Voting Period

Related Parameters

Vote Duration (days)


Great summary @divine_comedian. Thanks for sharing.

This reminds me that we should make sure we support voting delegation on the Gardens UI for decision votings.

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