This is a test proposal description for Agave GardensDAO on Rinkeby

We need to create our brand of Mezcal!

Sushiswap had tokenized Sake bottles for sale through its MISO launchpad, The Rock has its Tequila brand and Ryan Reynolds its Gin brand.

We are better than them …


did’t get what u mean
can u explain more please?

Hello, please explain more about the post you left ? I did not understand what you mean!

This is just a test proposal to see if Gardens DAO works (the test is on Rinkeby), like this one:

Or this one:

BUT … If you ever think Agave should think about creating a “tokenized NFTed” limited edition Mezcal cuvée for marketing reasons, we can talk about it. Mezcal and Tequila are both agave based but like I say The Rock has its own brand of Tequila and while I like plushies and socks I prefer mezcal.


I supported your test proposal with 11 Rinkeby-$Agve.

I also enjoy mezcal :slight_smile:

Let’s make it happen!

The first thing I thought of when I learned about Agave Finance was mezcal and it is astonishing that it isn’t mentioned anywhere else but here. Isn’t that the primary use of agave plants? Crazy. But then again alcohol might not be the best mascot for a responsible finance company. Maybe it can be an indirectly related project.

The proposition was challenged on Rinkeby testnet because " Alcohol causes hair loss". I accepted settlement, only for the purpose of the test and not at all because it is true that I am losing my hair.