xDai <-> Polygon (Matic) B

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Amazing news! Thanks for the info




You can check TX in the blue square button:


SWAP that DAI:


Luego ese saldo de dai se puede transferir hacia algún exchange como binance ? O como haría para poder sacar mi saldo de la red de xdai para el exchange de binance ? Gracias por tan excelente aporte

This is a Bridge between xDAI and Matic Network. You need xDAI - BSC Bridge if you want to transfer to Binance Smart Chain Network.

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Nice and clean introduction and tutorial, Thank you for spending time and doing this.

I feel everyone will benefit of this Connext cross chain solution, honeyswap will have less potential barriers to get more liquidity, users mostly will get options for arbitrage, 1hive will have more freedom to build new dapps and collabs with teams such as Connext,Polygon etc. Xdai will also be even more liquid and connected to other L2s and chains. Great progress is happening.


Muchas gracias Kaselol!!! :grinning:

Thanks, I want to buy more GHST on Polygon to play Aavegotchi. Token transfers from layer 1 to layer 2 I am happy to avoid. Aavegotchi is all that I currently use on Polygon (would have been better if they moved it to xDai) Anyway it is what it is. Cheers

Yes bro, MATIC is a good network as xDAI, really cheap fees.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Should I add that this is the page in the MATIC network for doing swaps and adding liquidity:

This is great! Now I need to finish moving everything off mainnet! Between xDai and Polygon, I’ll barely need to use ETH mainnet!

Do you have this in article format somewhere?
It would make a good addition our Medium.

This is really nice!

Here you have. I will do spanish guide tomorrow.

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If that is the state someone should at least have to post an explanation.