10% Boost To Everyone's Honey Holdings

Give everyone who is holding Honey 10% more. It would be roughly 1/3 of the common pool. I think if this was advertised with a snapshot announced well in advance it would be really good for Honeyswap.


I do not agree. If you want more honey you can buy it, farm it or contribute to the community and get rewarded.


Huh I dont know how much proposals we gonna get for airdrop/boost for holders its realy stupid.
From my side of view If you wanna get honey work for it.Give something to this community not only to request from community.
So I do not agree with this proposal.


Its not about me getting more honey. Its a marketing idea to drive demand for the token. I’m sure you are marketing geniuses and I am “stupid”

You know to get Honey we all bought it on Honeyswap… Meaning we built that common pool… We are the community.

The amount of trading that would generate would replace about as much as it took I almost guarantee it.

No thanks. Not interested in overly distributing free HNY. Why devalue such a valuable asset?

Sorry man! I’m all for brainstorming ways to improve HNY and its ecosystem, but in my opinion coming here asking for free money is a bad look.


10% for everyone will just increase the portfolio of big holders and I think that won’t help much the community.

There are other options, like increasing the faucet, that will make more people to join the community and get verified. :honeybee:


in my opinion coming here asking for free money is a bad look.


It is not about me begging on my hands and knees for the community to give me money idk why you would think this is what the proposal is… If you don’t like it so be it dont vote for it

Like all the other airdrop proposals, I am against this too. Better to increase the faucet or sourcecred pools


I don’t like this idea because essentially you are creating a divide between people who hold a lot of HNY versus people who don’t hold much at all. Whales get richer while the ‘poor’ stay poor in a sense. I think it’s much better to top up the faucet, so that everyone benefits, whilst keeping sourcecred distributions going.


No, this is not a good proposal.

You are saying it is better for marketing. We are already doing good by giving free honey in the form of faucet and community rewards.

And we already have buzz proposal for this.


I know you had a good intentions with this proposal but giving another 10% HNY for all the holders will just destroy the value of HNY that we’re building. Instead of giving free I’m sure we can look for other option/proposal to attract more users as this post intended.

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Lol. That incentive is too much for holder