1Hive as First-Mover DAO

I did a 90-minute presentation last week entitled Governance over the Blockchain: How Worldwide Teams Collaborate and Operate On-Chain and I used 1Hive has an example of a DAO that has brought together coders and Web3 enthusiastic from around the whole to meaningfully collaborate.

Just wanted to pass along select slides to show my appreciation for the hard work that @paul @lkngtn @twells @paulo @D0SH @solarmkd @Monstrosity @fabio & community OGs are doing to keep their heads down and focused on building even when fair-weather crypto fans have fled to chase the latest thing. We’re early and your hard work will pay off and is already going a long way to building out the use case of DAO governance that has worked and continues to work.


Freakin’ awesome. Is there a recording or deck somewhere :eyes: asking… for a friend

That’s amazing, appreciate the educational work that you are doing. Interested to watch the presentation cause it sounds dope.