1hive DAO launches Honeyswap NFTS contest event:***Christmas Honey Quest”**

“Christmas Honey Quest”

“Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day."

Hey folks, it’s cozy and warm on Christmas eve, we had a great year and are planning for many more to come with lots of glorious days before us.

1hive community is wishing you many more great days like this one, joy, happiness and a profitable new year to everyone !

On this occasion the newly formed 1hive buzz dao swarm is preparing the long awaited surprise , a new chance for every art designer that is also interested in crypto technology and decentralized communities to express themselfs and get rewards in HNY without the main net fees! All you need to do is make a Christmas related Honeyswap or 1hive design and submit it to one of our social channels : Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or Facebook.

If this is the first time hearing about 1hive and Honeyswap, well you have been missing out… It has been a very engaging 3 months , and we are thrilled about what is up to come next.

1hive is Decentralized community and we build crypto related projects and systems.

Honeyswap is our Decentralized Exchange where we can exchange cryptocurrencies , engage in DeFi and provide liquidity.

You can learn more about 1hive and Honeyswap on : https://about.1hive.org/

Lets get more into details on the contest,we will try to make the rules as simple as possible for everyone and hope you will have great and enjoyable time creating designs. The best designs will get rewarded in HNY.

It’s quite possible that in future we will have merchandise like t-shirts with some of the contest designs, but for the time being you can submit your design on the newly created NFTS minter page https://app.chiev.net/submissions . Kudos to Raid Guild for this great page , we will put it to use . Be aware that designs will need to get approved before they can be for sale.

For this contest we decided to reward a total of 1 HNY for the best designs, this will allow for your design to be bought on the page if it gets approved, so you can choose to mint more copies of it and earn some xDai.

You will need to submit your design on https://app.chiev.net/submissions and to enter the 1hive contest you will need to submit your design on one of our social media channels. The best designs will be awarded and highlighted on our social media channels with your username as reference, not only will you have bragging rights, we will also plan to do additional games with NFTS in future, but that will be a surprise :wink:

Let’s jumpstart with the Contest and rules of participation :

Submissions can be made by posting an original design created by you, that has to relate to 1Hive and/or Honeyswap on our social media channels :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Honeyswap

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/HNY/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/honeyswap.1hive/ or https://www.instagram.com/honeyswap/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/honeyswapdex/

Note :

For Twitter just upload your design and write #Honeyswap #HNY #1hive #NFTS #HoneyQuest #XDAI

For Reddit just post your design into the announcement thread.

After you post on one of our Social Media platforms, you can go to https://app.chiev.net/submissions and submit your design there which can be mintable afterwards if accepted by the admins.

The submission window is open from 25th December 2020 and will close on 10th of January after which we will take some time to vote and choose the best designs.

Winners will be determined on 1Hive discord https://discord.gg/tBsGjV3y

We will create a dedicated voting channel where verified members can give 1 upvote (ideally in the form of a specific emote reaction, honeypot) to any of the submissions. So if a verified user wants to, they can vote for all submissions if they like them all, or just one or two etc.

If you are new to 1hive , you can join our discord channel and ask for #help in order to become our a verified member.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays,Peace and joy !

Good luck to all the participants!

edit : If you are new here feel free to tell us more about you here or in the Introduction thread.


Check Honeyswap Twitter : https://twitter.com/Honeyswap/status/1343951433763344384

RT and mention 2 friends to get the maximum 3 raffle tickets and boost your chance to win additional HNY drops.


It is so nice. this is like m proposal about doubling honey issuance but it is much better. It achieves more goals than it.
Thanks @solarmkd

Very happy to see this take off! @solarmkd deserves a ton of credit for stepping up to finally make this happen. Can’t wait to see the submissions!

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NFT Submission by team NFT onXdai
Art Contributed by: @borisblock

We have set out to create a cool game on xDai using some wellknown NFT card based strategies and have a big vision to move forward

Due to network constraints this should have bee deployed in xDai but we deployed in Ropsten network but will try later and resubmit.

will add relevent details soon.

Minted NFT: Kshazu
Qty: 10

To add these are not just images each NFT has gene mapping stored on blockchain which gives the unique traits and these can be bred to more NFT in upcoming updates

Each bee has traits which are used to play the turn based card game.

Going forward we intend to distribute the NFTs to kickstart for HNY holders

You can check the NFTs on, You need to be on Ropsten network


TokenID on xDAI network https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/tokens/0xcbe8135700bf9e84ec65fab560ad5783c479063b/instance/8/token-transfers

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Is this still going or am I too late? Have not been checking forums for a little while

If you mean for NFT contest Its already over If you thought about that.


thank you, yes i was asking about the NFT contest, a shame I missed out I will have to keep a closer eye in future!

Those NFTs are very beautiful, I hope that this project is carried out in the Xdaichain network, there should be an option that when you have a quantity of NFT bees (or characters, points, etc.) a “hive” can be created, the NFT in farming, so that it produces HNY or another token (something similar as in alpaca (BSC) or Dego peaks (eth- bsc))

It is deployed now in xdai network. Good idea regarding would love to hear from your or pitch ideas in our community please join the discord server for this project

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