1Hive direction ideas

-check whether it’s risky do to defi stuff related
-in case it’s not risky or we find a way to differentiate ourselves (somehow?), i would go ahead with tulip proposal, at $40 per hour rates is likely i can recruit more good devs and we can speed up the pase that we are coding at a decent bit, with, imo, good success opportunities.
-in case it’s risky, i can still recruit devs for gardens or other project (mostly react devs)
-i’m looking forward to use gardens also for creating other communities ( i’m still curious how’s the gardens business model going to be?, what’s gonna be the benefit for 1hive?, main idea i was thinking of is having honey somehow as the background coin, not sure how else could 1hive benefit from the communities)

All best =)

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Hey Tonga.
First, thank you for posting.

For a little more context for the community,
Striker picked up the curve ticket, to add Curve to the price aggregator on Honeyswap, from the Zenhub when he joined the swarm.
It’s turned out to be a complicated kind of thing that needs its own interface because of how their pools are set up.

I agree that before we go too deeply into it there should be some input from the community. It’s going to be expensive to add.

Not sure this is the thread, but I’m also wondering how much the community wants to input on what gets worked on.
For example, the things like working on bugs in the interface should just be taken care of as they come up. There should be a pool to pay devs from to take care of such things as they come up. But bigger things, especially something like adding Curve, should probably be voted on DAO-wide.

It also came up in the cafe call last Friday, 3 September 2021, that maybe the community would prefer Tulip allocate more resources to the DAO interface, to supporting Gardens. I’m not sure there needs to be a profit motive.

Gardens could have a yield aggregator integrated, for example. Honeyswap could carve out its DeX spot being the goto DeX for DAO token liquidity.

Also, we have already built crazy great dApps we could be looking for adaptations and other uses for. The Honeycomb interface, for example,
is a thing of absolute beauty. There’s a lot we could be constructing with what we’ve already adapted and made. Money legos.

I’m expecting some good community input today in the sprint planning.

I may continue to add to this post because of how the forum is set up, limiting responses.