1Hive Discourse Article/Post Formatting Guide 🐝

Hello all Discourse content creators, I have been trying to format my posts but have not been able to find a decent guide on what can be done through Discourse. I stumbled upon a unofficial formatting guide on the Digikey forum and used it as reference as it was all put together nicely. Therefore I want to give a big shout out to a guy named Ben_Hest thank you for the write up if you see this I hope you don’t mind me modifying your work to better suit the 1Hive community.

Table of Contents

Most of the time you'd want to use the editor bar or hotkey crtl+k, but the basic format is `[1hve related text](https://1hive.org)'

which will give you an example link that looks like this: 1Hive

Note - Easier Editing with Links
Having long URLs intermingled in your editor can sometimes make it a pain so you can also offset the links using the syntax in the example below. Note you must have a blank line above the reference and the reference id can be any number, text, or punctuation.

This paragraph is much easier to read as the [link doesn't clog the space][1]. 
Or when you want to reference something you can just do this [clickhere][YT] 
[1]: https://1hive.org/#/
[YT]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HBEK44_Yn9MKAJ2h6zfEw?

The result: This paragraph is much easier to read as the link doesn’t clog the space. Or when you want to reference something you can just do this clickhere


Adding images is quite easy, if there's an image in your clipboard, just paste it in or drag and drop it. Discourse will automatically upload the image and fill in the appropriate syntax to make the image appear.

Image Sizing

If you would like to resize a large image to a smaller image use the following syntax.

Original ![bigboybee|200x200](upload://yEd2EPFpP2xbVK6TiEsDdnLgFK1.gif)
Resized 50%  ![bigboybee|200x200, 50%](upload://yEd2EPFpP2xbVK6TiEsDdnLgFK1.gif) By Pixels ![bigboybee|64x64](upload://yEd2EPFpP2xbVK6TiEsDdnLgFK1.gif)


Resized 50% By Pixels

Text Formatting

For bold, italics and strike-through use the editor buttons or directly type the markdown:

**bold word** or __bold word__
*italicized word* or _italicized word_
_combo of **bold** and **italic**_
~~strike-through word~~

bold word or bold word
italicized word or italicized word
combo of bold and italic
strike-through word

Alternatively, there’s some BBCode sytnax that a bee can use
[b]1Hive[/b] 1Hive
[i]1Hive[/i] or this
[u]1Hive[/u] 1Hive

Font color is not natively supported, but there is a BBCode plugin that will allow for changes in font color.


Tip - This is a very key thing to add to your posts as it helps search engine crawl bots understand what the post is about. **I want to note that when you add a title to your post that should be considered as the H1 title therefore avoid using it in the article as the crawlers dislike multiple H1s. This information may be incorrect as i have no reference so please check the comments for updates

# H1
## H2
### H3
#### H4
##### H5
###### H6







You can use the editor buttons to create lists. There are two different types bullet and numbered.

1. First ordered list item
2. second list item
   * sub-lists are offset by three spaces      
1. Specific numbers 
1. don't matter they will auto increment
1. auto increment

* unordered lists 
* are also possible
  1. First ordered list item
  2. Explicit second list item
    • sub-lists are offset by three spaces
  3. Specific numbers
  4. don’t matter they will auto increment
  5. auto increment
  • unordered lists
  • are also possible

Code Formatting

Inline code formatting

Surround a section of code with backticks (`) inline code formatting.
`var HNY = 10000;`
Results in:
var HNY = 10000;
This can also be done as var HNY = 10000; inline.

Present entire line as code by prefixing four (4) spaces (an extra newline before this)

     var this = “honey is money”;
Results in :

var this = "honey is money";

Multi-Line Blocks of Code

Surrounding code with three backticks ``` will allow for code to span multiple lines
function hny(swap){
     return swap+1;
Results in:

function hny(swap){
    return swap+1;

Syntax Highlighting
The code block will try to automatically choose a style for code, but you can explicitly call out the desired formatting.
function hny(swap){
     return swap+1
Results in:

function hny(swap){
    return swap+1


Tables can get a bit tricky in Discourse, some of the formatting features may be broken.

Ben_Hest Tip - The easiest way to get a table into discourse is to start a table in an spreadsheet, then copy & paste that table into the editor window. Discourse natively handles the format change and makes creating a table much easier. Excel and Google Sheets work great using this method.

A markdown table in Discourse needs at least the first two lines to exist:

Color Weight Height
red 12 160
green 4 100

You can also use HTML for tables.

Color Weight Height
red 12 160
green 4 100


Blockquotes can be found in the editor bar button
You can also use add a space followed by the > to create a blockquote
> this is some blockquoted text
> this is another line of blockquoted text

this is not blockquoted
> this is another one
Results in:

this is some blockquoted text
this is another line of blockquoted text

this is not blockquoted

this is another one

Table of Contents

This is not a native feature of Discourse, you can manually create a TOC by using HTML headings with the appropriate ID rather than the ## heading syntax. Make sure your id is prefixed with heading--, this is necessary because of the Discourse’s JavaScript app based architecture. Here is a quick example:

- [link to first heading](#heading--first-header)
- [link to second heading](#heading--second-header)
- [link to third heading](#heading--third-header)
- [link to fourth heading](#heading--fourth-header)
<h3 id="heading--first-header">First One</h3>
some text
<h3 id="heading--second-header">Second One</h3>
more text
<h3 id="heading--third-header">Third One</h3>
even more text
<h3 id="heading--fourth-header">Fourth One</h3>
ok no more text

First One

some text

Second One

more text

Third One

even more text

Fourth One

ok no more text

Learning How Articles Are Made For Formatting Reference

This can be used on every article made on this forum by copy pasting what i wrote then editing to your liking


:honeybee:That should be a good start. I hope others contribute their findings below in the comments :honeybee:


Thank you D0SH! I didn’t know most of these features.
I’ll bookmark it :star:

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Thanks! Very useful information, bookmarked aswell :bookmark:

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These can come very handy. Thank you Dosh for sharing this I was needing it . . :slight_smile:

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Nice explanation DOSH man.
I know this all function is available on phpBB forums I dont know is possible to get all this functions you said above on this forum.I used 3 years phpBB forum and Its nice no bugs and stuff like that.
Maybe in near future we gonna see all this functions and everything on one click :computer_mouse:

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Thanks for this @Dosh. I’ve actually been looking for exactly something like this, interacted with the discourse bot but gained very little. I’ve bookmarked this post, very essential.
I should add that some of this, not all but some actually works for discord too.

Also a quick way of adding emojis is by typing the colon character. Just incase someone didn’t know.

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Great guide @D0SH, thank you!


whatever was used in the post can be used in this discourse. If you want to look at the code click on the top right at the pencil icon and you can see how i wrote everything in under the RAW tab

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@D0SH thanks for the guide, bookmarked for future references… cheers

I noticed that links on the forum are opened in the same tab and it’s sometimes annoying.
Here’s a setting if anyone prefers to open them in new tabs:


How do one increase size of text.

Hey Kryptob! you can use the header titles to change sizes but also you can use this syntax
<big>this text is large</big>
This text is large
<small>This text is small</small>
This text is small

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Does this mean that you can only alternate between 2 sizes? i’m also currently trying to create TOC its a little bit confusing, thats why i wanted you to share your screen in the cafe yesterday so that you can show me.

Nice! Yes we can’t use target_blank on links with HMTL formatting on native discourse as this function is disabled to allow user settings to take over

i can hop on in about an hour does that work?

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Sweet. just @me when you hop on.

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