1hive forum logo

I have an idea about the 1hive forum logo.
We can replace the current forum logo with the below images.
What do you think?

For Light Theme

For Dark Theme

For Both Light And Dark Theme (with Transparent background)

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I don’t really have a strong opinion on that, what I do really think is we need to update the logo for the dark mode of the forum.

you mean this logo with a dark background?

I mean when using the forum with the dark mode, the logo gets a bit lost.

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-21 173536


oh, that’s right
i will find a solution for it and add it to images

@harsh24 hey, greetings I think it’s fine only that you should upload both the white letter and the 1hive bee with a white border, for use in the darkmode because it would be lost in case it is used!

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yeah, thanks @Rohekbenitez
that’s exactly what i’m doing now.
thanks for reminding me.

I’ve added for the dark theme and also for the both of the light and dark.
@eenti @Rohekbenitez

Hey. So it is to raise a little the letters that are centered, of the rest perfect. I liked it

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yeah, that’s right.
i tried to keep the previous design.
so i didn’t align the text.
thanks for your reply. :hibiscus:

Not a bad idea, small things can make a difference. Somebody will need to make the change on the discourse settings, i remember @willjgriff has the admin rights to do that…

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thank you @solarmkd
If changes need to be made to the images, i’ m ready to do that.

@solarmkd totally agree, I think that this type of initiative is fundamental, small changes are the beginning for better ideas! applause for having that idea @harsh24

I liked them all but the second one can be a good choice i think

In my opinion, these designs are very simple and do not have much appeal. If attractive designs are used, replacing it with the current logo is not a bad idea. Thank you for your efforts.

In theory they are minimalist logos, which meet the objective, without leaving the scheme or style! regards ! :pray:

thank you @Rohekbenitez
you are right especially when the theme is on dark mode (as @eenti said),it doesn’t look good.

thank you @Jsh976
Actually, we need to know that is it possible to change the logos when we switch between the light and dark themes, or not?
if it’s not possible, we have to choose a logo that is designed for the both themes, that is the third image above.

Thanks for your concern @Sina
As a matter of fact, I wanted to keep the current logo design.
So I didn’t change it, and just added the word “forum” at the end, to represent that here is a forum, not the 1Hive website.
So you made a good offer, we can design a new forum logo and post it as a proposal, imo.

Like @sina, I think it would be better to use better boards that are more attractive. Thank you.

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