1Hive monitoring page (all systems services at a glance)

Hi everybody…
in complicated systems, doing have a strategic, top view of the system really matters.
like this:

Or what we already have here:

but not just with such quantitative data!
I think we need a page presenting all important data/services of 1hive together. so everyone can take an overall look to the hole system in one place.
It can be so stylish to be like a beehive also… with informations inside hexagons or such.

Parts of this overall system view page:

1- some of 1hive services can be represented as “Processes” which we can see their current situation (percentage of accomplishment, problems that we are dealing with, etc.)
2- Some of them may look like current price, or a chart view of honey price…
3- Some of them may look like just as a list of most active users of the week/month/year/ etc.
4- some of them may be the name of seeds/ major honey stake holders etc.
5- some of them may be the most trended concepts of week/month/year etc.
6- some of them may be some important information about infrastructure, xDai/ honeyswap Pool, liquidity, etc…

All of them may come together in one place, a cool dark design page with HUD and with a live data in it.
maybe something like a control panel which brings all important data together.

Something like these HUD cool designs:


David is working on a landing page.
It’s a little different than what you’re suggesting.
This sounds interesting too.

Thanks for the work, I like the concept if we can get the design to match the 1hive templates.

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Definitely agree with keeping it on theme.
I also think we should have all of this work on GitHub.
“Take your code out of its plastic bags and put it on display, where it can be seen and admired.”
Oh wait… that’s an old Tarn-X commercial for silver.


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plastic is see through though. maybe not relevant for a forum post, sorry, I had too. Just a joke. @motealle

I think it should ALL be on GitHub, since that’e where we are.
If motealle puts what they have in a repository and we use it it can get cloned to the main 1Hive GitHub.

I didn’t understand the plastic! :sob:
Please help me figure out :pleading_face:

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There used to be an ad on TV, to date myself, about an instant silverpolish, TarnX.

What I was saying was just that if you put your code on GitHub we can all see it and say “Oh my. Such code. Much wow.” Or even better, throw it up in our browsers, look at it, and even make suggested changes and submit them to you in pull requests.

You mean about graphics?
I was just about proposing this idea that we can have a better monitoring page.
I do not code right now and do not know the rules u told.
but i like to do it if i can.
so can github be used for graphics also?
I need to understand it better to make cooperation with you.

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Oh I thought you were coding a page.
Yes you can put graphics on GitHub.
You can put poetry and recipes on GitHub too.

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these HUD is cool.Do you have a design or I send it to you?

Hi, it was just a sample for the type of HUD designs that we need to have…

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Where can this HUD be used? It looks attractive.

In a landing page, so all important informations and status of services would be all in one place.

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Interestingly, if used in practice, I think it is good. The idea of using HUD usually has a good effect on the audience in web design. Because it shows the digital space well.

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I have been thinking about this a lot. Most apps have dashboards where you can find everything you are looking for these days, so following that template would make sense. As 1hive grows it will be more important to be able to navigate to the things we use easily.

Using the honeycomb graphic we could click into a section to reveal more options that are more detailed for that particular section, kind of like zooming in on a map to find more things pop up.

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Thanks a lot to like this idea…
All at a glance
All things together
Monitoring all of the 1hive world, in one place, with ability to look for ur own properties, linking to ur forum, discord, etc…
It would be cool.
All necessary things together…

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