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Create a 1Hive Learning Library :open_book: for the benefit of our DAO as well as the larger community.


The work of Morphosis Swarm is indispensable to 1Hive’s development for many reasons, including its role in providing training for new developers. As 1Hive grows, Morphosis will enrich the DAO’s knowledge and skill base and thereby improve the speed of innovation and product creation. A Learning Library of custom e-learning courses would provide a way for 1Hive to

  • Store/organize educational resources and optimize accessibility to bees
  • Enable upskilling for community members through credentialing based on performance tasks aligned with learning objectives and current needs of the DAO.
  • Promote the educational resources created by Morphosis to attract new bees and build partnerships with other DAOs.


For the purposes of illustrating this concept, content from @gabi’s Ethereum Developer course has been used. At the current time, the “direct teach” portion of each lesson is delivered by Gabi via ~60 min lectures that touch on specific learning objectives. In order to serve the largest audience possible, this video footage can be broken down into smaller segments and accompanied by either a performance task (go build it) or knowledge check (mc quiz) to ensure learners have absorbed the material taught.

Here is an example of how a portion of Gabi’s first lesson can be expressed using an instructional design tool.

A fully branded/customized interface can be developed for 1Hive depending on the resources available; the current UI is relatively easy to build and therefore ideal for prototyping.

The bulk of the development effort would be focused on shaping an effective curriculum aligned with the needs of learners and the DAO itself. Personnel needed for this initiative is flexible; ultimately it would be a collaborative effort between our instructors/SMEs/learning designers.

Appreciate any/all feedback :honeybee: s : )


I think the goal of this is desirable. I personally want to gain skills and experience as described. There are some well-known free developer resources out there so an important question is why should 1hive re-create what already exists? Do the benefits of taking it in-house exceed the development costs? What are the parts of the training unique to 1hive? Can an existing program like freecodecamp be modified and adopted by 1hive to cut down on development costs? For example learning the basics of Javascript. Even with my non-technical background I guess there are many free Java courses already.

I can see opportunities for in-house mentoring/tutoring. There is nobody better to create, run and troubleshoot 1hive products than 1hive members. For example we could incentivize swarms to take on 1 ‘apprentice’ for a certain number of weeks/months/projects. As skills progress these apprentices could take on bigger responsibilities and get more specialized in areas they enjoy working. It can help preserve a talent pool but of course some might exploit free training than go get high paying glamours coding jobs elsewhere. With that in mind, should trainees be required to put in some work at 1hive after graduation? What about pre-requisites? Can we take newbies or only intermediate developers?

Just a few thoughts. I think at most corporate outfits ongoing training is a big part of the package.

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Morphosis is creating in house materials that are geared toward the DAO ecosystem specifically to help fill needs in our space. I think the idea is to market the courses eventually.

Gabi’s course covers some newer tools available and refers to learning resources already developed. Ethereum developer courses necessarily need to be recent to cover the latest tools, changes, and hacks.

There’s already a lot of helping and mentoring that happens in the developer spaces in DAOs. The courses are being designed to make this mentoring easier is my understanding.

As far as I know there are no plans to create a javascript course, but an in house js course might get people in house to learn js, or at least tag along because they know the instructor.

Santi’s data course covered some crypto specific tools and used examples familiar to the students. So part of what Morphosis does is give Bees the tools to understand what’s already been built even if they may never build things.

I’m not sure where a builder would do better than in the DAOosphere.

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It’s a fascinating project that will help 1hive users gain a better knowledge. Supporting this type of activity will have a long-term positive impact on the community.

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Hey Blazingthirdeye.
I see you’re very active here and that’s great to see!
Metagame is planning an educational DAO to DAO social event to showcase courses and learning opportunities. We’d love to collaborate with 1Hive doing this. Would you be interested in helping?

There is a bit of a paradigm shift coming into the DAOosphere that may take a bit to pick up.
A super-important one is that the point of being in a DAO is exactly to not do things like corporations do. We have the amazing advantage of being able to generate money to pay people for their contributions and don’t have to subtract it from our available resources in the same way that corporations do. This allows us to have a more generous relationship with money and each other.

Welcome to 1Hive and keep up the energy!


Hi Meta,
Thanks for your response. My point about corporate training practices was simply to show the high value of ongoing training, not suggesting we copy corporations. Imo corporations are a bit nasty and I totally agree that new better ways exist and can be invented. Which is why I am here.

I appreciate your explanation about the cutting edge ultra modern needs of blockchain programmers. As a not-super-developerish person I did not realize the stuff being dealt with at 1hive was so current that it lacks existing resources, and so the Morphosis courses incorporate existing things plus create their own. Clearly I am new to 1hive and still learning my way around (probably forever right? never stop learning or you perish). I have not thought about 1hive as a business and so never imagined the Morphosis classes might be marketed outside.

My first impression of 1hive was more like a club or community of pals trying to invent really neat things to benefit and grow the community. This is also linked to my non-developer mind because I don’t equate programs with commodities, more programs with exploring tools to further the frontiers of humankind. Of course these are not mutually exclusive and a good program probably does both.

My paradigm can only shift so fast. I think DAOs attract those types whose paradigms are already pushing into the future although I have only skimmed the surface of the DAO-sphere. I think I am a part of six or seven different daos already. One thing I have learned is that there are many different definitions of what makes a DAO. Therefore DAOs, like life, are what we make them to be. I am so glad to have stumbled into the 1hive rabbit hole. xDai brought me here for the new opportunities on a young network. It is younger than I thought and I confess fears that matic will make xDai less desirable so I am going into various bsc telegram groups daily and subtly marketing xDai. If nothing else at least 1hive seems to be positioning themselves very well among xdai, matic and arbitrum. This is going off on a tangent.

Thank you for your request for interest in a collab with Metagame. I must respectfully decline as I am still in the surveying mode over a bunch of daos, including Metagame and TEC and I have not yet found my niche. But a little more surveying and lurking is needed. There seem to be many opportunities where I can help and in helping gain understanding about the overall DAO. Additionally, I prefer to remain in the background out of the limelight and I believe I am better suited at research and writing and equipping those who prefer the spotlight with the tools and support they need to function. I get the impression the Dao to Dao thing will have lots of presentations and the like. Thanks again for the ask.

@twells @gabi I look forward to participating in some tech-ed courses. Can you please include a more novice level course occasionally? Watched the first Ethereum training lecture last night (thanks Meta for suggesting it!) and I was blown away in awe by the eth-build program with the color coded plug&play blocks and the ease and fluency with which Gabi operated and built on that software. Just seeing the schematics like that helped me to grasp big picture stuff. Another tangent, but kinda related. Cheers!

PS With my questions in my initial post I must clarify that I was not against the idea, but that only wanted to expand and explore the idea. I only wanted to brainstorm and help so if I gave the impression I was against the idea I apologize. Great idea and lets hash it out! TBH the idea that I am participating in something which is so futuristic it lacks existing tools and infrastructure gives me tingles of sheer awesome-ness.

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it :+1:

I think you raise an important question regarding tradeoffs when considering in-house development.

I’ll toss out a few potential benefits of doing it in-DAO lemme know what you think…

  • If we think about educational infrastructure in a broad way, i.e. a content library, then it can accommodate many things beyond technical courses s/a Eth Dev. Any SME could come aboard 1Hive and propose a course for community approval/funding. If we have an existing platform to host their course, it will ease the process for development. Over time we could see a truly DAO-driven library that reflects the culture/values/priorities of the community.

  • Courses that are designed to serve a credentialing function can fold in specific tasks to demonstrate content mastery that simultaneously align with needs of the DAO. For example, a course on graphic design could contain units that culminate with a performance task requiring students to create a piece of content for 1Hive social media. Eth Dev could do the same but loop new folks into swarms that are building something awesome.

  • Developing in-house courses/infra that benefits DAOs more broadly might lead to some interesting collaboration. Gravitron onboarding/training seems like an interesting possibility, but @metaverde @chuygarcia92 are the experts there :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a few thoughts…I think your point about tutoring, etc. is also really valuable and something that sets us apart! :honeybee:


Hey TWells great write up, I would definitely vote for a re-organization of Morphosis to morph it back to life :stethoscope:

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It’s clear you have thought deeply upon this topic. I don’t have much more to add. Wrt point 1 I think a DAO driven library might be attractive to communities beyond 1hive. Since this new space lacks major resources the content library has potential to become the go-to place for Dao related material. And permitting random experts to utilize the potential platform sounds like a good way to subsidize the Project assuming the SME would be required to pay a small fee. A learning library could benefit our community in many ways.

I have done a little substitute teaching and I quite enjoy education as well as learning myself. My ineptitude in graphic design has been brought to my attention by all the amazing designers we have here so when I saw your mention of a graphic design class I got excited.

There is significant interest in improving the on boarding process for newbies. Perhaps another interesting collaboration would be possible. A “welcome to one hive” class could really help achieve the on boarding goals and could be incentivized with increased pollen weighting for those who attend.

I will support your proposal.

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I think your 1Hive onboarding/pollen idea is super interesting and might help address some existing concerns as expressed by @metaverde and others recently. :thinking:

The process for SMEs/instructor contribution requires careful consideration; we probably want to incentivize content creation in order to offer new courses on a regular basis. There are a lot of options here and I confess a lack of understanding about the existing relationship between Morphosis and 1Hive…is it a DAO under the 1Hive umbrella? Could it have a Garden? I don’t know enough here, @gabi can you straighten us out? :slightly_smiling_face:

If we want a project like this to provide financial benefit to 1Hive, perhaps we could limit access to honey holders to start with and then add some kind of staking feature down the road? The threshold doesn’t need to be high, but perhaps a library token could pay the yield? Just spitballing…but there seem like a lot of interesting possibilities available here if the quality and diversity of our content is superb.

I appreciate your support and continued feedback @Blazingthirdeye ; this has to be a community effort :honeybee:


excellent idea, in particular I think that the enrichment of the knowledge of each bee is vital for the homogeneous and solid growth! in such a way that the person who really wants to transcend participates and uses the knowledge imparted in morphosis; great job @twells

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:grin: Heck, I want to take all these courses :computer: I would sign up for gravitron training too @chuygarcia92 @metaverde @durgadas. I think one or two people from Metagame also want to take the Graviton training. Not sure if it will ever be used but there does seem to be a gap between happy-go-lucky and Celeste arbitration. Plus I like what I heard about Graviton process strengthening community bonds during the process.

@twells I agree start with closed community only and expand in the future. Just like a developer strives to the the Minimum Viable Product out, then they work on V2. I like the idea of a library token but I haven’t imagined how it would integrate, only that it seems like a good feature that would likely be necessary unless honey gets used. Plus there will be the matter of governing the library. A lib.token could possibly address governance as well as regular usage.


Hello, I’d want to take part in these classes as well. How do I go about registering? I think learning is a fascinating job, and I’d like to study different methods.

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