1Hive Open Defi talk

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Luke is going to be holding a talk on the Open Defi Discord (https://discord.gg/grBPS568us) tomorrow. It would be pretty nice if some of you guys could come over and show the colours. Also good for anyone that recently joined to get an overview. Also give OpenDefi some love, they’re hosting a hackathon right now and try to teach people about the space.

Also some of you that use Twitter might want to think about retweeting the above.


3pm UTC or what time zone?

Alright I asked in the chat, it’s 3pm EST!

@FriedRengi Excellent, I will be present giving my support, thanks for the information, cordial greetings from Colombia and good vibes :four_leaf_clover::earth_americas::honeybee:

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Thanks mate. Will try to swing by their discord server. There is so many discord servers I have joined that I am unable to manage the space! haha… probably a good problem to have!

@FriedRengi Open Defi is here, today is 3:00 pm EST?

retweeted! it’s on midnight here but i make sure not to miss that
thanks for informing

I know this is late for some people. When I was just getting started into Crypto, I used to listen to these talks sometimes up until 4 am.

For my part I will be present and tell some friends to support as an audience🐝

Hey @FriedRengi I think I missed this by an hour!! Do you know if there is a recording available? Would be great to listen in.

Yes, I fucked up too, I miscalculated timezones. Fuck.

lmao… alright bud… let me know if you find a recording… i would like to listen to it! thanks.