1Hive Podcast episode 2

Hey folks!

You all may have heard that a couple of weeks ago @lkngtn and I sat down for a fireside chat where I peppered him with questions about DAOs. We touched on the philosophy behind a DAO and how one is constructed and then upgraded. We covered a lot of ground and I was left with even more questions.

So we’ve decided to do another one this Friday. Some topics that Luke mentioned and I am personally interested to know more about, are:

What Tulip has been working on to provide sustainable farming options for the Hive
How 1Hive will evolve as roll-ups (and other technologies) become feasible
What does it really mean when we say “Honey is Money”?
and of course, we only scratched the surface when we talked about Celeste in the first episode.

These are just some ideas of general topics that we can cover, but I would like to put the call out to the community to comment and provide other topics you really want to know about and questions that you would like to ask. I will do my best to gather the questions from this post and group them around common themes to help me steer the conversation on Friday. Anything we don’t cover can then be used for future episodes. You will also be free to ask questions live, but for those of you that won’t be able to make it while we’re recording, this is a chance for you to submit your questions.

If you are wondering where you can hear the recording of the first episode…well funny story; Luke and I both recorded but experienced the same technical failure where we only recorded Luke’s side of the conversation :man_facepalming:t4: I intend to go over the recording and re-edit my questions back into it, but just need to find the time. I will be double sure that doesn’t happen again, and we should have this episode up somewhere for folks to listen to shortly after recording.

Also, I still haven’t thought of a suitable name for the cast, but I think we can come up with something more creative than 1Hive Podcast. Feel free to comment with any suggestions you might have. I am a fan of puns, so a potential name I thought of was DAOn to Earth; where we break DAOs DAOn and make them digestible. I don’t know that might be too much lol. Please share your thoughts.

For those that can make it the call will be held at 4:15 pm Eastern time on Friday, Apr 23. You should be able to find it on the 1Hive calendar shortly.

Thanks! See you there :honeybee:


I love the name ‘DAOn to earth’, very creative.


@CurlyBracketEffect mate massive thanks for running with this and making more of these podcast style interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the last session but had to unfortunately drop off after a while! Here are some questions that keep running in my mind when i am around 1Hive:

  1. So we heard the story behind how 1Hive started a little, but now with all the other L2 chains and their own forks of uniswap and other main net protocol implementations, where does 1Hive see itself going in the future - I know its a DAO and there is no one opinion that can dictate it, but if the community is the sensors and luke and others are sort of signal amplifiers, i would like to know how they see 1Hive evolve into the future and a vision. Especially when L2 comes around to ETH main net, what do we see our future as.
  2. I really want to dwell more into ‘Honey is Money’ - After having heard a recent podcast from bankless on ETH and its bull case, how do we see HNY evolve over time and gain a much wider distribution. With the dynamic policy in place do we see HNY as ‘ultra sound money’ as well?
  3. From my perspective I see this as really early days for 1Hive and HNY, but when the user base explodes beyond imagination, can we trust the collective user base to act and keep this DAO in order. I see a lot of the stuff that happens now I guess has a few key central players and also a lot of the conviction voting may be skewed due to disproportional HNY distribution due to the early nature of the project. But when the distribution gets diluted and more decentralised, it would be nice to ponder on what it may actually be like running the DAO.

I am sure there will more questions as I sit down and think about it. Will keep adding to this thread when i can.!!


Wow i got into that…waiting for friday :heart_eyes:


I have read and heard a lot in recent weeks about how to govern in a decentralized world… About collaboration and decision-making models… mostly from Jeff Emmett. I’m so excited about that… More learning More exciting!

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What a nice idea!, sadly i missed the first episode, i’ll be patiently waiting for the second one. Please dont forget to edit and upload the first episode, i know many of us would appreciate it, including me.

My suggestion would be to have an external person recording the podcast, this way we avoid the inconvenience of that technical failure, I’m sure there should be someone willing to record it.

this meeting can affect the performance of the community . i am waiting for the outcome of the meeting . :heart_eyes:

Not a “company”.
A community.
A decentralized autonomous organization is kind of an anti-company.
Welcome to the future!
Thank you for being here.


thank you for your advice

Is this a literal podcast where I can go back and listen to a recording of the conversation on demand or is this a live conversation dubbed as a podcast without being able to listen to it afterwards?

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It will be recorded and posted for you to listen to afterwards.

If you will not be able to listen live, then please write down any questions you have here so that I can ask them during the recording.


I think many people will benefit from having these conversations recorded and posted for everyone to listen to. Thanks! Looking forward to it.

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We have to fight for this future … This is not the future for everyone in the crypto world … A large part of the people inside the crypto play games that are a continuation of the outside world
This community is one of the few places that is looking for a different future from the situation outside.

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I liked the name you chose and I hope you succeed in this​:wilted_flower::slight_smile: