1Hive Protocol Params

When we release Celeste we will also be redeploying an updated Honey Pot UI and 1Hive Protocol to enable integration with it. The 1Hive Protocol has many configuration parameters some of which I think are worth discussing:

  • Decision Vote Duration (not funding proposal duration). Currently set to 14 days with an execution delay of 2 days. Setting the vote period to a total of 16 days was a mistake and it makes it needlessly time consuming to update the protocol. Examples of delayed changes include fixing Conviction Voting after an exploit was found by xdaifandom, updating the issuance rate, and once it comes to it, upgrading the current protocol to the newly released protocol. I recommend a vote period of 5 days with an execution delay of 1 day. Keep in mind there will be further delays if a vote is challenged and then disputed of anywhere between 6 to 50 days depending on how contentious the dispute is and if we use the Celeste params originally specified for the Aragon Court.

  • Conviction Voting Params. To begin with we chose some parameters that made it fairly easy to pass proposals. When redeploying conviction voting we updated them to make it harder. I consider the current params to be acceptable. However, if you check out this spreadsheet, in the Proposed Settings section you can modify the Max Ratio, Min Threshold and Common Pool HNY params to see what thresholds (percent of total active) are required for different payouts.

  • Deposit amounts for vote and proposal creation and challenging. When a user creates a vote or proposal they must make a deposit which they get back should their action be successful or is withdrawn but is lost to the challenger if it is disputed successfully. When a user challenges a vote or proposal they must also make a deposit which is lost to the original submitter if their challenge fails. These values are currently defined in Honey. Iā€™m unsure what these values should be, initial thoughts are 0.1 HNY each, curious for suggestions though. In future we may add a feature to periodically update the HNY deposit amounts to equal a configured amount of XDAI.

Interested in any thoughts or suggestions regarding the above parameters.