1hive sponsoring for Posadelic Music Festival

1hive sponsoring for Posadelic: a free, online music festival in Hyprr & Minecraft

Proposal link: (the link to the original proposal has been changed to the Buzz DAO proposal, since this kind of projects can easily happen with this marketing plan. If you like the Posadelic proposal, please consider supporting Buzz DAO) https://1hive.org/#/proposal/90

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
*As some of you know, @pab and I are involved in different cultural activities in our community in NW Mexico. For the past months, we’ve been working in the 5th edition of Posadelic, a music festival from our hometown that people from all over Mexico come and celebrate this with us. For our 5th edition and due to the pandemic we wanted to make something different and we came up with throwing it in Minecraft on December 18th. To deal with some last-minute technical expenses, we want to invite 1hive to serve as a sponsor to help us achieve our festival with a very accessible marketing expense, so that 1hive can also have an experience in advertising in these type of events we find beneficial. Our proposal includes the following:

  • 1hive logo in final poster

  • Branded 1hive stand in Minecraft virtual venue

  • Sponsor post in Posadelic’s social media*

Proposal Rationale
Complementing the Buzz DAO proposal, marketing is key to help 1hive achieve its goals. Events and opportunities like Posadelic are great and effective platforms for advertising.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Event will take place Dec 18th, 2020

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

**We’re @chuygarcia92 and @pab **

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
We’ve been involved in event organization for some years now. I mostly take care of booking and production, while @pab is focused in art, design and marketing campaigns.
You can also see more information on the event and lineup in our Posadelic Instagram.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: 1 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xB22981bA3FE1De2325935c91a3B717168fB86714

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: This HNY will mostly be used to pay for a Minecraft server provider that can handle our mods in a more user-friendly experience and also fit more attendants.


This is an interesting proposal.
However, at this moment, my honest opinion is that 1hive could not truly benefit from such sponsor (I feel for the topic, i’m a musician too); But I believe it would be hard to gather interest in music fan to get interested on a DAO, something related to the crypto ecosystem. I could be wrong, but i see this quite hard to achieve (especially with an eventual very short timeframe to advertise 1hive in the event.

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That’s a great insight since most music fans aren’t all into crypto yet, however our main sponsor is a platform called Hyprr who’s bringing a bunch of people in from the DeFi space, and who could benefit 1hive from advertising in the festival. Yesterday they had Friday Fixes where they told the community about their first music festival in the platform. Most of these people don’t know the artists but are excited to get involved because of Hyprr and Minecraft. Here is yesterday’s post.

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I’m very excited to assist posadelic. I think that it’s a great idea to advertise 1hive in the festival since Hyprr is bringing people familiar with the DeFi environment. I’m supporting this proposal

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I think this idea to have virtual music festival on a platform in a Minecraft enviroment is unique and
awesome . This is the kind of thing that we need to get promotiing and get some analytics from it in the Buzz Dao… The time is sensitive here I hope we will have time to vote is as a normal proposal … @chuygarcia92 Can you please add link to the proposal in the main post so we can vote ?


Nice man, I’m glad to hear there’s more “crypto” involved in this already. I also believe time is of the essence, so let’s make sure you make a proposal in a short term! :slight_smile:

Done! Here it is as well:

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I understand your point; I think it’s helpful to point out that the point of this sponsorship would be to get the brand out there to the public, not necessarily looking to get new whales out of the blue but to get people to know more about DeFi and everything that surrounds it. Also, the price for this activation is quite low considering the reach and the audience being an organic, tech savvy group of people composed mainly of Gen Z + Millenials - Analytics for this kind of activation could help the Buzz DAO better define what kinds of audiences we want to cater to, etc. Just the analytics we’d get out of it are worth the 1 HNY imo.


Posadelic is LIVE now, please join us and come check out the 1hive beehive in minecraft! There will be music, rewards and up to 600 people connected.

Dosh put together the connection instructions here:

Look forward to seeing you at the event!