1HIVE Sponsorship | Panvala BUIDLing for Inclusion Event @ETHDenver

Proposal Information:

Panvala will be hosting an all day BUIDLing for Inclusion event at ETHDenver this year on Thursday, February 17. The goal of the event is to leverage IRL local meetups to create space for Panvala communities to gather and share experiences, and ways and ideas for building a more inclusive and welcoming Web3.

This proposal is seeking $1,500 in HNY for 1Hive to sponsor the event.

As a key event sponsor 1Hive will be:

  • Invited to speak on a panel - ‘The Inclusive Power of Public Goods’ ’ to share 1Hive’s thoughts and approach to BUIDLing for Inclusion.
  • 3 x 30-second shout-outs throughout the day during sponsor announcements.
  • Decorate the lunch table with 1Hive swag and branding for the day.
  • Promoted on all event communications, social media, program and slide decks.
  • Included as an event host on the official ETHDenver schedule.
  • Have 1Hive swag and branding in the event space.

Funding from the sponsorship will be used to pay for food for attendees and participants.

Proposal Rationale:

The Panvala BUIDLing for Inclusion event is an ideal event for 1Hive to sponsor. As a member of the Panvala Community we have a shared mission, vision, and values to support community growth and development across the Web3 ecosystem.

By sponsoring this event 1Hive will get exposure to developers, builders, enthusiasts, investors, and DAO contributors at a landmark Ethereum event, and will help us spread the word that we are an open, welcoming, and inclusive community working on building the future of Public Good funding.

Here is more from Panvala on the event:

What does BUIDLing for Inclusion mean for the future of Web3?

At Panvala we want everyone to feel welcome, valued, and represented in Web3. So with the support from ETHDenver, Panvala is hosting a gathering of our communities and coalitions to have a day-long conversation about BUIDLing for Inclusion.

The Panvala BUIDLing for Inclusion Experience at EthDenver involves the gathering IRL and online of our 77+ member communities, 6+ coalitions and friends of Panvala to share, connect and learn together - What does inclusion mean for us and the future of Web3? How might we buidl/build so everyone feels welcome?

Throughout the day (8am-6pm), attendees will experience panels and fireside chats, learn about Panvala community member projects, and participate in a community-inspired quiz.

We are expecting close to 8k attendees to descend on Denver during BUIDLWeek, and have capacity for 200+ people in the event space over any 2-hour period. We estimate a reach of about 600 people IRL with 10k online and via our communication channels.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):

The event will occur IRL during BUIDLWeek, at ETHDenver, Thursday 17th of February, 8:00am to 6:00pm. The event will be livestreamed and end with a Twitterspace (5-6pm).

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

  • Dr. Kelly Page (she/her): ETHDenver BUIDLWeek Steward and Co-ordinater, All Things Social+Tech+Leadership. Founder @LWYLStudio Fellow @PanvalaHQ Fellow @KERNEL0x #KB5 Steward CCO @MsTechGroup Mentor @1871Chicago
  • Rachel Holmes (She/her):Rachel is a professional dancer, oracle, energy and sound healing practitioner, educator of dance and the metaphysical arts, as well as a mom. She is a @PanvalaHQ and a contributor to @JovianNetwork.
  • Lee Knight (they/them): Director of Diversity/Inclusion, ETHDenver. A technologist, CryptoEvangelist, EthDenver OG, musician and Art Historian. Previously contributing to projects at @UjoMusic, Golem, and DAOHaus. They are SuperRare’s Technical Community Manager.
  • Niran Babola (he/him): Founder of @PanvalaHQ, member of @meta_cartel. economic performance artist. prev: @ConsenSys/@ConsenSysAudits

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Deposit funds in xDAI. Here is the address where funds shall be transferred:**


More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:

Paul2 will receive funding, swap to xDai, and send to Panvala. The money will be used to pay for lunch/food for attendees and participants.

Feel free to join us on the Panvala Discord if you want to be more hands on leading up to the event.


Proposal passed :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the event info - if you’re in Denver this week check it out! Panvala BUIDLing for Inclusion.

If you’re not in Denver you can view the livestream on the Panvala YouTube account.