1Hive trading cards NFT Farm with LP token

Create an NFT farm

Proposal Information

Proposal description:
I want to propose to create an NFT farm on Unifty. Unifty is running on Xdai and gives us the possibility to create an NFT farm running on our token HNY or also on LP tokens. All the rights of the contract where the farm will run are also completely in the creator’s hand. I think that makes one Farm where people can earn points to redeem NFT if they stake LP tokens could give more use cases for our loyal liquidity provider bees and is also a cool way to expand the 1Hive brand. The LP token has to be decided based also on what LP we want to incentivize and if the proposal will pass I’ll discuss this with the wise guys of our community to figure out what is the best LP token to put. Could also be only HNY instead of an LP token. My idea is to create a total of 6 cards. 3 cards will be the EPIC version of the 1st edition and 3 will be completely new with a fresh design and will belong to the 2nd edition. Each EPIC card will be limited to 10 pieces and each 2nd edition card will be limited to 20 pieces.

Proposal Rationale
This proposal makes sense for different reasons. First of all, this will be the first opportunity for LP holders to farm NFT that in the future could appreciate in value. Secondly, it brings more awareness to 1Hive community members. It gives more use cases to the LP token besides only earning fees. It’s just cool to have our own cards and NFT farm.

Expected duration or delivery date
I expect a maximum of 1/1.5 months of work to set up everything and make 6 trading cards. But for sure the farm will start after Dripp.farm event ends. The farm will last until the last NFT will be redeemed and that’s all about how many people will farm and with how many LP tokens.

Team Information

I will realize everything by myself. I’m a Web Designer with Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Sony Vegas experience but I’ll push myself further to realize the new card design and animations.

I already made the first edition of HNY trading card (3 cards in total) on epor.io and I have to say that went really well with cards currently (14/03/2021) sold from other users for 40xDai.

Recently I also made an NFT airdrop for all the people involved in the troubled Agave launch.
Here below the card:

Telegram: @GBozen
Discord: Goldoni#0347

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested: 1 HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used: 0x099C50BeE65EeCDcd209C38f1207fc334ea5eaB1

  • 200xDai will be used to purchase the Unifty wildcard that will allow me to create all the Farms that I want for 0xDai (instead of 50xDai each Farm).

  • 5xDai to create the collection on Unifty.

  • 200€ to purchase a Drawing Tablet.

Proposal Link: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/157

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Too bad I missed it Next time there are activities in the community


Sounds like a cool idea to be able to mine NFTs from LP tokens or from naked HNY staking. I would prefer HNY staking as being in an LP adds to the complexities of having to understand AMMs and may deter newbees. So what happens if you only have small amounts of the LP or HNY to mine the NFTs with? Could you mine partial NFTs and then sell onwards to others that have the capacity to make them whole?

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If you bought AGVE during the first hour of launch you should have the card on Epor.io

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Technically your are not mining NFTs but points. Then with the points you can redeem the NFTs. I also would like to put a maximum of HNY or LP that is possible to stake so not only whales will have the possibilities to redeem the NFTs

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Ah great. Yep it will always help to even out the field where possible, otherwise it will become a whale only world. Nothing against the whales … but got to keep the balance in the ocean! Looking forward to see how your proposal goes. Please see if you can add a link to the actual funding proposal on Honeypot here to the OP. Would be great to click through and support!

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Thanks man :slight_smile: Link also in the forum post now

My account has AGVE, but it doesn’t
My address:0x9a9bF95c4bbe82705151879FAb44c29a3d126Acf

Here the address that received the airdrop

This is the AGVE that SWAP holds
Or LP?

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I really like the sound of this idea. It would be super cool if eventually these cards could be used in some sort of game, but that would be a lot more work for sure. 1 HNY seems like a small request to make this happen, are you sure that is a fair compensation for your time and energy? Either way I would vote for this if you put up the funding proposal.


Yes Honestly I think is fair. This community is giving me a lot, I don’t want to ask more :slight_smile: The funding proposal is already up. Here the link: https://1hive.org/#/proposal/157


Oh awesome, I want one.

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Mate that is a great attitude… i dont have much but signalling support to the proposal. Hope it passes through!

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You know, do I want to own your cards? It’s so beautiful

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Thanks a lot man, I really hope that my proposal will pass then because I have a lot of cool ideas for the new editions :slight_smile:

I have participated in the proposal, and I am positive of your work

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Relly like it, I am voting yes

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hey come join the agave design channel, we are planning out nft for agave and can use you.


I am on the discord, but I cannot see the design channel.