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Hey all,

Below is a bit of a course I have come up with for the 1hive TV that I mentioned in the discord. Everything is open to discussion, I just figured I would try to make it really simple and to the point to get complete newbies into the decentralised crypto world with zero risk. I’d love for us to fund a simple faucet for some xdai and hny. Honestly, I think provided it is relatively difficult to exploit and less than a few dollars then it is going to be money well spent. Imagine spending $10,000 for 10,000 new users to the space.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Course 1 - Introduction to using cryptocurrency

1 – Install Metamask

2 – Create a wallet and store the seed phrase safely

3 – Test that we can restore it

4 – Add Gnosis chain

5 – Claim funds from the faucets

Rough Transcript

Welcome to 1hive TV, I’m your host TJ Wells.

Today we are going to be showing you how to create a blockchain wallet and fund it. It is a short course that doesn’t require you to spend any of your own money. At the end of this video, you will have your very own crypto wallet, some funds and a special, one of a kind NFT!

The first step we are going to take is installing a metamask. This is one of the most common wallet apps available and is recognised as one of the safest and easiest to use. Go to metamask.io and click the download link. Follow the instructions to install it (show on screen each dialogue box for a few seconds).

The second step will be to create a wallet. Opt in or out of the usage data, then create your password. Ensure you make your password secure, using capital letters, numbers and special symbols.

The next part of the wallet setup is fairly well explained in the metamask app, so follow along and come back when you are done. I can’t emphasise how important it is to write your seed phrase down clearly and keep in a safe place offline.

Congratulations, you just created your first crypto wallet!

Now, let’s exit this page and you can see the metamask extension in the top right of your browser. Click into it to open the interface and see different information like your account address, funds, networks etc. We will expand on this at a later stage but for now we are just going to confirm that we have recorded our seed phrase correctly and are confident with using it.

Click on your account in the top right corner and press lock. Now we could use our password, but let’s assume we have lost our computer and have installed metmask and now need to reload the wallet. Our wallet isn’t on this computer so the password wont help. All we need to do is “import using seed recovery phrase”. Enter your seed phrase and a new password and you will have restored your wallet on this device.

So I hope at this point you understand why the seed phrase is so important to store safely and why you should never share it with anyone or any website. Inputting the seed phrase into a trusted wallet extension is the only time you should ever use your seed phrase.

Next up we are going to add another blockchain to metamask. So let’s click on the metamask wallet again and you will see that we are already connected to the Ethereum network. You can also see that you have no ETH available, which is the native token for Ethereum blockchain. We are going to add another blockchain called Gnosis which recently changed names from the xdai network, because it is cheaper to use and the main chain that the 1hive DAO operates on.

Click on the Ethereum network in your wallet and click add network. Enter the information below correctly. Click save and you can see we are now on the Gnosis chain. Congratulations, you have added another network to your metamask. This is the same process for adding other networks such as Polygon or Avalanche. Be sure that you trust the network before adding it.

You can now see that xdai is the native currency. Xdai is what is known as a stablecoin – a token that is meant to equal almost exactly 1 US dollar. When you make a transfer on the Gnosis chain, the gas or network fees are a small percentage of an Xdai. On other networks it is usually the native token, like ETH on Ethereum. This is part of why Gnosis is a fraction of the cost of chains like Ethereum.

Now the fun part! We are going to connect to the Gnosis faucet and get some xdai for free!

Go to https://faucet.prussia.dev/xdai. Copy your wallet address from metamask and insert it into the address field. Complete the captcha to claim. Congratulations! You have claimed your xdai and are now own some cryptocurrency! Welcome to web3.0. (I’d like us to setup a 1hive faucet that gives maybe 1 xdai so people get a real kick out of getting something for free).

Now lets head over to the 1hive faucet and claim some sweet honey! Go to (honey faucet that provides maybe .01 HNY to all new accounts.) Now we are going to connect our account… sign the transaction… approve… and claim the airdrop. Congratulations! You have claimed some Honey. This is a variable asset and can change with the market. So now you have an asset that could go to the moon!

That’s all for this course. You have now own a blockchain wallet with crypto funds and know how to use a seed phrase!

If you enjoyed this course please like this video, drop a comment with what you’d like to learn and share this with your friends. We want to teach everyone how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Join us for Course 2 to keep learning!

Course 2

1 – Make a swap on Honeyswap

2 – Purchase xdai with Fiat

3 – Make a donation with giveth

4 – Mint or buy an NFT?

5 – Bridge funds across to Polygon using Elk?


@twells here is the course curriculum and rough transcript. Trying to keep it short and sweet, but we will need to develop a new version of the faucet and ideally an xdai faucet too…


I have a similar series that I did for friends and family
Some found it useful. Maybe template off of it.

Nothing fancy, just a headset mic. Educating is always good


I’m not against this, but we should go through the educational materials we’ve already created and make sure we’re not reinventing the wheel.
At this stage I feel like we should be moving past “This is a wallet”.

Anything requiring the Faucet is going to be a tough sell. We’ve been not refilling the Faucet for a year now.

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we should also include instruction for smartphone users that they should use other browser like kiwi and others

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Yes I agree that we should avoid doubling up with the learning content. Let me break down the problems I see with existing education materials on the internet and you can give me your thoughts.

1 - They assume a relatively high level of computer literacy and familiarity with blockchain already.
2 - They require identification and have barriers to entry like connecting a credit card (which also involves risk).
3 - They focus too much on the technology before explaining how the user interacts with the tech.
4 - There is usually too much information in a single course or video and people become overwhelmed.

This is why I think 1hive and 1hivetv have a very strong value to add to both the non crypto community and the crypto space.

In terms of the faucet funding, we don’t necessarily need to use a lot of funding initially. If the course proves popular and successful then we can easily top it up and add further courses. If it is a failure (we can discuss the metrics around success/failure) then we have only funded something small. If the faucet is 0.10 xdai and 0.01 HNY per new user then it is approximately 300 xdai for 1000 new defi users who all know what xdai, 1hive and gnosis chain are.


1Hive has already produced quite a bit of educational material aimed at complete beginners is what I’m saying.
I’m not sure how up-to-date it is.

Check out this thread.

The faucet funding you propose would require a completely new faucet.
The Faucet we have does not emit a constant amount and requires BrightID verification.

I don’t think a new faucet would be difficult to set up.


Thanks for digging that up. There were some videos that are very close to what I’m proposing here, however it would be good to have the content in a concise location like a YouTube play list and on a dedicated URL similar to 1hive.io, honeyswap.org etc. That way we can streamline content to be uniform and structured so that people follow along easily and get excited by the content.

I have experience teaching 3d modelling to uni students and have learnt a few things. Making it simple enough for your Grandma to understand is key!

This is something relatively easy to put together to trial and I am happy to work on it.

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The learning materials absolutely should be in an easily accessible centralized location with 1Hive branding and I’m sure we need new videos.

Thank you for your energy here.
I’m down to figure out the Faucet I think.


That would be excellent.

I will work on a longer curriculum that builds over several videos and gradually introduces some of the defi applications like transfers, bridging, staking, airdrops, nfts, gaming etc.


An investment in education for new entrants in the space, especially if 1Hive is the educational source, is always a good investment. Many blockchain projects skimp on educational content, but the ones that go in big with an abundance of helpful resources see dividends in the long-term by accelerating their efforts to build a community base. Projects that have a long-term vision tend to have a more impressive longevity that eclipses those more immediate-minded platforms.

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really dig the idea and appreciate the effort @Blackbus!
ill ping you on discord and figure out how to make this vid happen :honeybee:

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