1Hive TV - Crypto Trivia Show [Contestants Needed!]

Howdy bees! :honeybee:

As Buzz prepares to launch 1Hive TV, we want to make sure there is plenty of fun and entertainment each week : ) We have a long list of ideas and look forward to hearing more from the community. To start, we will include a segment that brings audience members on to compete in a crypto trivia game show. The winner will receive a modest amount of HNY (~$10) :honey_pot: .

We would like to see 1Hive community members join us as contestants; please answer yes to the poll below if you are interested :ballot_box_with_check:. Three people will be selected at random from the respondents, and the poll will close Monday at 4pm UTC.

Our first episode will drop at the end of the coming week (8/20 or 21) and we will therefore need to meet and record the game segment at some point by the afternoon (UTC) of next Thursday (19th) to allow sufficient post production time. Apologies for the short notice; we intend to settle on a predictable filming schedule as we get rolling. This week’s game will kick off with a quick round of 7 questions, so recording should not take more than 30-45 mins. The topic for our first week will be 1Hive trivia, so brush up on the wiki and perhaps some of the OGs can chime in with some great questions :grin:

We are excited to bring some fresh content to the 1Hive YT channel and look forward creating ways for the community to participate! :honeybee:

Would you like to join 1Hive TV as a crypto trivia game contestant?
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Thanks to all that jumped on board; I’ve decided to take things in a slightly different direction to make scheduling easier and potentially involve more people.

With the blessing of #socialcuration :heart: we will run a brief twitter campaign to announce a specific day/time to meet on Discord for the game. Anyone who shows up will have a chance to win some HNY; each correct answer will be worth something :honey_pot:

Due to time constraints we will push things forward a week :+1:


Oh I love that idea.
Better sign back up for the social-curation channel!

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Oh this is cool, I’ll be there!