1Hive TV Discord Channel

The subject pretty much sums it up; what do the bees think about creating a 1Hive TV channel in our discord?

Rationale: Create a space to share/iterate/coordinate the activities of 1HTV with the community.

Concern: There is already a 1Hive Radio channel - will adding one for TV confuse ppl? Suggestions here?

I’ll post a poll to make a final decision after community feedback :honeybee:


Is a thread under the buzz channel not better?
I think we should reduce the current channels too if it’s possible.
thank you.


Sounds cool!

IMO the radio channel can just be renamed.

This is also true fabio, sadly threads are auto archived after 24 hours of inactivty so it’s better to have a dedicated channel for this purpose.


sounds cool.

i was thinking threads are more useful. lol


right on, this seems like the easiest option - thanks @eenti :pray:
i certainly don’t want to make life any more difficult for you @fabio my man :sweat_smile:


Adding a new channel (1Hive TV) won’t confuse people, but according to Enti, it could just be renamed.


Having a 1hiveTV on discord :thinking: I really don’t think that’s a good idea… let’s maintain that of YouTube and the radio… creating one for discord reaches only those on the 1hive discord… let’s look into reaching potential investors using YouTube and other external TV’s…1hive radio should be Okay…


Good idea, by the way, the 1hiveTV videos have been very informative and helpful. Thanks for making them and thanks to everyone else helping to make them.

I think Fabio opinion is not bad it will be good to reduce the current channels too if it’s possible…threads preferably to 1hive tv or we maintain the 1hive radio

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Well I totally agree with you Fabio, the channel should be reduced,Adding a new channel (1Hive TV) won’t confuse people and moreover some have been inactive, so the channel should be reduced

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I agree with you. 1Hive TV will actually be limited to only people on Discord. Using the 1Hive YouTube channel would increase the social media presence than the TV on Discord. Just a suggestion still

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Greetings @twells and big bees, in my personal opinion it is not necessary to create a new channel, with changing the name it would be enough and when it is necessary to address an event “Radio” the 1Hive tv channel is useful, being like this to promote the use and interaction between bees, and guide them also to our YouTube channel.

Another option would be to create a channel where only 1Hive Tv videos are hosted through youtube links and have a larger audience and that the followers and community grow there too!


An investment in well-produced educational content is always a worthwhile.

There are other platforms where we can host the videos that would have a deep interest. I almost get more views on Publish0x and some crypto-specific microblogs than Twitter or LinkedIn.