1Hive TV Praise

A big shoutout to @twells for doing a sensational job being our DAO’s Alex Trebek. You have a way with words and keeping the content engaging. I try to knock out several hours of crypto content a day so I like to listen to videos at 1.75x so your crystal clear delivery sounds crisp at faster speeds as well, which is perfect.

I love how you present on a 1/2 of the screen and have striking videos and screencasts of the Web 3.0 project being discussed. This is really high production value that is in the top 10% of crypto videos I’ve seen. I also like the pulsing around Luke’s face when he’s explaining the ERC20 migration.

Video #3

  • In the description if you put 0:00:00 - 0:00:48 the YouTube algorithm will know to splice the video into easily navigable chapters that you can jump to easily, especially in mobile. The YouTube algorithm also rewards such activities, presenting these videos with more similar videos as a suggested video to view.
  • Good job with the keywords chosen for the videos. Most channels will just cut and paste video topics from video to video, but your choosing keywords of exactly what is discussed in the video is perfect. The combo of the YouTube platform seeing that something is being discussed in the transcript, description, and keyword will get it a pump up on the keyword placement.
  • I saw that fairlaunch.brightid.org was a broken link and didn’t find a similar page on the BrightID page so you might look into that.
  • I love how you brought in the discussion with @pab @metaverde @rperez89 @gabi @sem and @luke to the YouTube video. I try to catch the weekly meetings, but always worry that I’m missing out on some key insights and bringing the highlights to 1Hive TV is such a great idea to enrich those that really want to round out their understanding as to what’s foremost on the docket of active development discussion.
  • If you need help with the grammar and spelling on the transcript, I’ve happy to jump in there and smooth that over! I’m watching it anyways so however I can help!

@paul did a sensational job of asking the perfect questions for in-depth answers by the Hedgey guys. Lindsey and Alex are well-versed in the finance–Alex is a CFA–and they do a good job of answering your questions.

Also wanted to shout out how great the 1Hive trivia is. I learned a lot and love the swift, fun pace of the editing.

This is a really quality swam and the product speaks to the quality of the community’s members. This shines through in the videos in a way that you don’t even seen in DAOs that have billions of TVL. Well done, guys.


I really appreaciate your kind words and feedback @altcoins made my day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It would be great to get another set of hands to help out with the transcript + description section…getting those details right makes a big difference. I’ll be drafting a proposal this week to request continued support for the YT project and would like to find ways to expand the current team :honeybee: - lets chat!

re:trivia, think it would be cool to get a database of questions going so anyone can host if/when needed; maybe we start with a list of topics?


Definitely. For “evergreen” questions, like of a technical nature, we can create a wide database. I think one of the previous questions from the last trivia nights was like which projects are in the top 5 by TVL so these would need to be updated to have live data at the time of questioning.


Shout-out to you all

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from discord
Howdy bees, I need your help to get a crowd here this Friday for trivia!!
Here is a message you can copypasta around in discords if you wish:

[Greeting] don’t paste this part

1Hive will be hosting another trivia game this Friday 10/8 at 7pm UTC and it would be great to have you join us!
This week’s topic: 1Hive + Gardens
Study Guide :sweat_smile: https://y.at/:sunflower::honeybee::honey_pot::honeybee::sunflower:
Format: 10 multiple choice questions using Kahoot (mobile app is great but not required)
Rewards: win HNY for placing in the top 10 + POAP for participating :honey_pot:
Where: 1Hive Cafe https://discord.gg/5HRT3ZyV

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Wow nice…I have been anticipating another trivia @twells:handshake:

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The quality of these videos is high, enjoying them. Easy way for me to digest 1Hive news, and general industry news is always interesting.


It’s today bro… let’s keep it rolling

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