1Hive <> UberHAUS

Hello friends and bees - I’d like to propose that 1Hive begin to participate in UberHAUS DAO.

What is UberHAUS? UberHaus Is Alive 🧟‍♂️. If you’re seeing this it means we’ve… | by James Waugh | DAOhaus.club | Medium
It’s the DAO of DAOs that governs the HAUS token and acts as an umbrella org for all of the Moloch DAOs summoned in the DAOhaus framework

Why should we participate? UberHAUS includes some of the most innovative and active DAOs around today. DAOhaus in particular is a complement and competitor to Gardens. It’s in our interest to strengthen our ties with this community, align our mutual interests, and have a seat at the table when they discuss their plans. On a more pecuniary note, 1Hive would also stand to accrue a non-trivial amount of HAUS rewards for participating.

How do we participate? Only Moloch DAOs are eligible to participate. As such, I could stand up a Moloch DAO (1Hive Embassy DAO) to serve as an “adapter.” Embassy DAO would then nominate a Delegate to attend UberHAUS proceedings & governance participation.

I propose that Embassy DAO be structured as such:

  • Any contributor of 1Hive in good standing can propose to join by offering between 0.1 and 1.0 HNY as tribute to join the Embassy DAO
  • Proposing members can request / receive 1 share per .1 HNY tributed, i.e., max 10 shares

Entry to UberHAUS requires holding a minimum of 500 HAUS in the participating DAO treasury (Embassy in this case). At present prices, that’s about ~15 HNY. Therefore, there’s two paths to funding UberHAUS participation.

  1. Embassy DAO membership share pledging accumulates enough HNY to buy the HAUS needed outright (i.e., 15 1Hivers tributing 1 HNY each)
  2. Shortfall is made up by making a request proposal to the HoneyPot, which would be directed to an Embassy DAO minion (a smart contract used to store funds outside of the DAO bank, b/c bank funds are subject to disbursement by ragequit)

What do y’all think?


I like this alot ceres! If this goes through count me in as one of the members contributing some HNY to have a seat at the table of HAUS


I think it’s a wonderful initiative. would also be interested in taking part


1Hive Embassy DAO has been summoned

In retrospect, I should have used hard mode to add HNY as an allowlisted token from the start. I’ve added a proposal to get this added ASAP. In the meantime, if folks would like to start their membership proposals, I think it’s fine if we accept WXDAI tribute - just use the price of HNY at the time you submit your proposal

To submit your membership proposal, go here:


Great initiative @ceresbzns thanks for taking the lead. I agree with you that we should have a seat on the table and start collaborating with the existing UberHAUS DAOs.

I will request my membership shares :japanese_ogre:


Strongly support this! I’m happy to pitch in :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoever submitted a proposal with the address 0x5b0f...24e6 - can you DM me on Discord so I can accept your proposal?

Loving the interlocking of these communities!!

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Funding proposal is live: Honey Pot

FYI: After August 9, 2021, membership or loot proposals can be made to Embassy DAO using HNY directly (no need to convert to wxdai) Embassy HNY allowlisting proposal

mate thanks for the detailed post. I will get this done once HNY has been approved. Cheers.

HNY was just allowlisted for use and holding in DAO vault, so you should be good to go!

I love the pro-unity stance that daohaus is taking in relation to working alongside 1Hive, despite, as you say, being a Gardens competitor. I’ve had a sensational experience in all DAOhaus DAOs deployments and this platform makes a DAO launch incredibly easy.

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