1hive Wearable NFTs Details

Over the past month we’ve been discussing the Shenanigan x 1hive NFTs. This post will be summing up the ideas proposed, as well as doing some polls on what we should do.

Fora quick recap, here is @solarmkd summary: 1hive x Shenanigan Buzz call for minting NFTs and merchandise

And here is the original proposal I made: 1Hive | Shenanigan | Metafactory Wearable NFTs. Long term collaboration between xDAI native projects

I think the reception has been mostly positive. So, moving forward from these discussions, I think there are 3 main tasks to accomplish before release of round 1 involving the two communities.


Host a Shenanigan x 1hive contest to design the clothing with rewards for the winner.


Redesign the current staking website to include 1hive elements and add some new functionality.
Edit: May possibly use https://unifty.io for the distribution


Decide how many we want and make a plan for distribution of the clothing

1. Shenanigan x 1Hive Clothing Contest

Shenanigan has decided to make sweatpants. Shenanigan is working working to find some athletes to wear our gear!

Here is a poll to decide what clothes 1hive wants. Keep in mind different clothes cost different amounts!

What 1hive Swag would do you like best?
  • Honey $OCKS
  • Bee Jacket
  • Swarm $hirt
  • Antenna Cap
  • BeeKeeper Gloves

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Once clothes are decided, BuzzDAO should hold a contest to design the set. Shenanigan also needs designs for the sweatpants and I personally think it will look much cooler if both of the clothes match. I’m proposing a reward of 0.5 HNY and 2500 PRTCLE as well as the wearables designed to the winner.

2. Website Redesign

This was the current design for the Shenanigan staking that was about to launch before 1hive got on board.

I can take this redesign venture on myself and have the website up and running once the NFTs have been finalized. I don’t think much needs to be said here, but if the community wants to make some sweet Shenanigan x 1hive designs/memes/infographics for this, that could help.

After the NFTs have been delivered, I will spin up an AMM on the website so that people can trade and sell their clothing NFTs.

Edit: We are also exploring using http://unifty.io for the frontend

Which brings up the topic, should we set a fraction of the clothing aside to sell? What percentage should we give to our stakers and what percentage should we sell?

What percentage of NFTs should go to stakers?
  • 0%
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

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3. Distribution

I had planned to buy 100 Shweatpants for Shenanigan. Therefore 1hive should also do 100 of whatever is chosen. Shenanigan can’t go higher than 100 sweatpants, but lower is also an option.

Although we are using MetaFactory to make the clothes, they informed me that we will have to handle the shipping ourselves since they can’t sell the product on their website.

The original plan for distribution was to buy them in bulk and charge shipping fees outside the US.

1hive BuzzDAO made the suggestion to spread the clothing around the world and use trusted members of the community deliver the clothes instead without the extra fees.

Note: If we buy in bulk, we are limiting the amount of sizes to a fixed number. For example, if we buy 10 small, 40 medium, 40 large, and 10 XL, we may run out of small and XL early.

Another option is to do a “per order” distribution, and ship the clothes 1 by 1 when they are redeemed. This would be the most costly and likely acquire the greatest fees from the end user, but would simplify the process immensely.

How are we distributing?
  • Buy in bulk to the US (simple distribution, high cost, sizes will run out)
  • Buy in bulk to trusted members (complex distribution, low cost, sizes will run out)
  • Buy 1 by 1 per request (extremely simple, high cost, sizes won’t run out)

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We also need a cool name for this

Possible names I have are:

  • The Drone Swarm
  • xSWAG
  • Please help I don’t know what to name this thing

Thinking Honey Dripp would work.
Or Sweet Shwag.


Maybe “Honey Dew” might be a good name. As for the schwag itself, i suggest a cardigan. They could be called “Shenardigans”.

Drone Shwarm Shenardigans by Honey Dew

please tell me these can’t be sharded. :laughing:

I like both of these

Good job, hope you success!
The more successful projects on 1hive (no matter what they are) the better!

I think anything with drone is probably not good. There’s no positive meaning for the word.

I really like Shanardigans.


Drip is a synonym for swag.

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Una buena noticia :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

You could call it the 1hive Stingapore Collection or say they were “Proudly made by the worker bees in Stingapore.”


Me encanta esta noticia… Fashionshe

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Buen aporte vamoos Shenanigan :sunglasses::muscle:

Excellent work really, you have to continue like this🙏, and I vote for the name of this project to be xSWAG

Excelente lo que se aproxima ; referente al nombre xswag! Shexswag

Creciendo junto a Shenanigan

Hola buena noches excelente que los proyectos se integren y hagan cosas juntos. Esto ayudará a su crecimiento :clap::clap: