Add liquidity for ALVIN Dripp

Proposal Title

Liquidity for the ALVIN-WXDAI Pool

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Proposal description:
Over the last couple months, Shenanigan and 1hive have been planning a collaboration via a fork of unisocks.

Here is the previous post outlining it all in case you missed it: 1hive Wearable NFTs Details

If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, Unisocks is a token by Uniswap that can be redeemed for a pair of real, wearable socks. Currently 1 pair of SOCKS is priced at $80000.

Over the last week, I forked Unisocks to support ALVIN and SHWEATPANTS, a variant of unisocks for the two projects. In the last post, the community decided to do a shirt, however with the release of Agave in the next month, BuzzDAO thought it more appropriate to do an Agave Alvin plushie instead and I agreed.

As of now, the code has been forked and the staking contracts have been written

You can find the locked alpha site here ->

as well as the contracts here ->

To get this kicked off, 1hive will need to add 50 ALVIN at 35 XDAI per ALVIN starting price to the ALVIN-WXDAI pool. It’d be best if 1hive got the LP rewards (and not me) so this proposal will send 2 HNY to the aragon BuzzDAO address 0xf11239a22a5e28b1421049f3ef5b4c6cc53e9be3

I have already sent 50 ALVIN to BuzzDAO for them to stake

Shenanigan is prepared to do the same

A blog post from BuzzDAO will be coming in the next two weeks outlining details how the staking and distributions will work

Proposal Rationale
This proposal exists to kickoff the Dripp by Shenanigan website. We have been discussing the possibility of a collaboration for months and now it is finally coming to fruition. SOCKS have seen great success and the Dripp project will take this idea even further. Adding staking, multiple items, LP incentives and more. On top of this, the staking contracts are infinitely extensible and token agnostic, so Dripp by Shenanigan can support as many xDAI projects as we’d like. In the future any number of projects can use this platform to release wearable tokens or do a collaboration.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
2 weeks

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

BuzzDAO and Shenanigan Team (me and prettyscone)

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
Founder of Shenanigan

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)


Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
Funds will be used to add liquidity to the ALVIN-WXDAI Pool


This will be awesome :slight_smile: looking forward to Alvin the Agave and shweatpants


Thank you for your hard work @YoungKidWarrior :grin:


Excelente noticias… Shenanigan :rocket::rocket::rocket::crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon: honey :rocket::rocket::rocket::crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon:

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I love this, great work @YoungKidWarrior … Alvin will look awesome as a plushie , it’s so cute…Let’s go !

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I’m so excited this is happening now!
It’s been a long hard slog but this is coming out at exactly the right time.
Thank-you for sticking it out Victor!

Crypto socks, welcome to the future :sunglasses:

Awesome, this really huge for HNY and SHE

Buen día Victor felicidades. Felicidades a 1hive y shenanigan.

To be clear, this coin is called ALVIN after Alvin, the logo for Agave/AGVE.
Agave/AGVE is a different token for a different project.

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It’s not super clear to me. Just a checking question. Is the 2hny to pair 1600xdai with the 50 ALVIN?

Could we just pair 2HNY-50ALVIN. I’d love to hear your thoughts, thanks

I don’t remember the reason but no we can’t just pair the two Honey.
That did come up and I’m sorry I don’t remember the deets.
The two Honey is to buy xDai to pair with the ALVINS.
There’s a bit of buffer in there for Honey price change.
I’m sorry I’m not better with the information.
I should have been taking notes.

the unisocks site requires an XDAI pairing

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Haha this is an awesome idea, I always wanted a pair of unisocks

Has it already been deployed? I think we could help change this to honey :grinning:

No probably not the way the frontend is setup it’d be a hassle. When we rebuild the frontend for next iterations we can switch it out

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Ah that’s right.
Thank you.