# 1Hive Weekly Q&A

1Hive Weekly Q&A

Proposal Information

Proposal description:

1Hive is a constantly evolving ecosystem and, as many of us are experiencing, keeping up with the overwhelming amount of constant news is quite challenging, to say the least.

We recently saw an explosion of interest due to Agave, Celeste, Cross-Pollinations, and much more. We can only hope - and expect - that the interest surrounding 1Hive will continue to increase in the coming months.

Although Discord is the principal place where discussion happens, a lot of action happens on the Forum and Telegram as well.

Coming from a completely different background, I experienced, from time to time, a bit of struggle in understanding concepts and conversations within the channels. However, by sticking around, I have learned and received help from several members, which only increased my commitment to do my part in the 1Hive ecosystem.

Many other investors may not share the same level of interest in contributing, but could still become a valuable part of the community and share interesting opinions and suggestions.

After waiting for some important proposal to pass (Pollen, Buzz, Terra), and after proposing the now called Monthly Recap, I am now back with another proposal which I hope will encounter your positive feedbacks.

Proposal Rationale

This proposal is a further attempt to involve the community, and to increase even more the openness and sense of communication 1Hive is conveying to so many of us.

It aims to strengthen the participation of newcomers and give seeds the possibility to have a sort of “open platform” where they can share personal opinion, wishes, impressions, and give a constant update on what is happening in 1Hive in an informal way. In some cases, this could become beneficial especially to non tech-savvy investors, in order to understand some dynamics and choices made by the community, as well as for those who don’t have time or want to keep a constant look at the vaste landscape of initiatives in place.

I would like to be in charge of organizing, preparing, transcribing a weekly Q&A with seeds (or relevant community members) to provide a detailed and easy-to-understand perspective on 1Hive’s evolution, upcoming projects and possibilities. Community members will be invited to ask relevant questions (increasing their engagement) and a selection of these will be addressed, answered, transcribed and published on the 1Hive Medium Page.

I have though of a biweekly Q&A, but due to the great amount of things happening within a 1 week timeframe, I think that a weekly appointment would be better. Furthermore, I’d like to make this a “traditional” event, and a weekly pace seems to be a better solution to increase users engagement.
A weekly appointment, furthermore, can more easily give a grasp of the latest development within the community.

The first proposal is to fund n°8 Q&A, published on a weekly basis, covering a 2 months period. Due to the variety of projects within the 1Hive ecosystem, it is hard to interview a single member and pretend he/she is well at home with everything in the ecosystem. Therefore, depending on the set of questions, a few seeds or relevant member could be a recurrent “guest” in this new setting.

  • Q&A1 - Seed
  • Q&A2 - Agave Dao
  • Q&A3 - Seed
  • Q&A4 - Buzz Dao
  • Q&A5 - Seed
  • Q&A6 - Agave Dao
  • Q&A7 - Seed
  • Q&A8 - Agave Dao

Besides @lkngtn (Luke), who showed me his support in forwarding this proposal, I would be happy to interview the Agave team, the Buzz Dao Team and, if this setting is interesting and beneficial for the community, prepare - for a 2nd round of Q&A - a more detailed set of interviews inviting members of different Swarms.

Clearly, what I presented above is just an example of how this could work out. I would like to keep a constant communication with seeds to give a broader perspective of the 1Hive world, going into more details with Agave, our most recent addition, and the marketing team, since I often read questions related to this topic. I’d love to also include Q&A with other swarms and if users would be asking questions in a certain direction, this could be done very easily.

Besides me, I could count on the valuable help of my friend and community member @Luchano, a video editor with experience in graphic designs. His expertise in the field can become valuable for several other projects to come.

Expected duration:
8 Weeks, starting as soon as the proposal is about to pass. Possibly, keeping the same day throughout the whole period, in order to have a steady pace and facilitate planning.

Team Information

Stonky --> Active member of the 1Hive community since early October
(Member of Terra DAO, proponent of the Monthly Recap, Curator of 1Hive and Agave FAQ)
Luchano --> Graphic Editor with several years of experience in the field


I would like to choose a setting in which the dialogue between me and the respondent is pretty straight forward, avoiding super long texts and providing, where necessary, extra links to go into more details on what is discussed.

Funding Information

Choosing the question, interviewing, drawing up, transcribing and publishing may take me a big amount of time but, nevertheless, if my following request is considered too high I am more than willing to modify it.

A Graphic Designer - Luchano - is required to create a weekly banner for the Q&A, and a Twitter banner/animation for publishing on a weekly basis the outcome of the interviews. He is aware of the brand guidelines of 1Hive and is a serious professional.

I believe it is right to offer a small contribution to the interviewees, who will take the time to answer the questions and, if possible, have a look at the transcribed draft before publication.

Amount of HNY requested: 4.4HNY - At the time of writing, HNY is around $1100 (In xDai, something around $4800-5000)

  • Stonky —> 2.4 HNY (0.3 per Q&A)

  • Lu Chano —> 0.8 HNY (0.1 per Q&A)

  • Respondents —> 1.2 HNY (0.15 per Q&A)

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


Final Note

If the proposal is well accepted and likely to pass, I’d like to start as soon as possible as I know how much is happening right now. The ultimate goal, as you may have understood, is to create a constant stream of communication between seeds and newcomers, keep excitement high and show the direction of the ever-growing family of 1Hive.

Thank you for reading so far. Please, feel free to share your opinion. Stay safe everyone :honeybee:

Proposal Link here


@Stonky mate this is a brilliant initiative to keep the community updated. I would definitely support the proposal. I know your scheduled Q&A’s are tentative, but could you also look into interviewing the Developer Swarm if it has been formed based on the forum topic Developer Swarm - Introduction
Would be great to know what is happening in the dev world and some of the challenges they face working in a decentralised environment like 1Hive.


Hey there, thank you for the kind feedback.
Yeah sure, as I mentioned what I described is just an example; I think that the community can drive the focus of the Q&A depending on the questions, and if that’s the case it’s quite easy to redirect one Q&A mostly on a specific Swarm. Lately there’s lots of excitement around Agave and marketing, so I mentioned these as a possible example. But, clearly, possibilities are very wide :wink:


I’m relatively new to the 1Hive community but really admire the initiative based work environment. This is a great way to develop awareness at a deep level and you will likely get a ton of great footage from the Q&As to make “sawdust” segments for dripping on social media. Will definitely support :+1:


Great! Nice initiative Stonky. I feel as though weekly might be a bit to much, especially if these Q&As are going to be recorded for everyone to watch at their own peace. We might be out of questions really quick.

Anyways the most important thing is starting, excited to see this executed :smiley:

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Hey man, thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, one week could be too much, but having different main topics could be a solution. That’s why I imagined to include Agave Dao and Buzz Team, and slowly other swarms as well.

However, until April 4th it seems like this won’t get much traction, between staking for Alvin and other proposals. After that i’ll try to give it one more push and we see if it’s going to work out.

About questions…mmh I think there are and will be plenty, so much happens everyday eheh


I don’t think weekly is too much.
We could do a weekly on pretty much any working group, really, and we have over a dozen.