Tomorrow between 6- 8PM UTC we will co-host our first Gitcoin DAO Memepalooza ! Memepalooza is not a contest - it’s a collaborative jam session and a celebration of meme lords and great memes on the topic of public goods, web3 and the values of Gitcoin DAO, and it’s super fun so 1Hive joining and also co-sponsoring this event was a natural move. :innocent: :boom:

With this post I would like to invite the whole 1Hive community to a fun and rewarding event. We will giveaway NFBeez and Gitcoin DAO will throw 150 $GTC(<1200$) for everyone that joins. See you there #beez :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

Check out the ongoing MEMEPALOOZA VII Twitter contest: https://twitter.com/1HiveOrg/status/1509456716944998405

The Buzz team fully supported and worked together with me on this one. Thanks to @D0SH @solarmkd @DogeKing @Rohekbenitez @harsh24 @paul

Just look at this cool poster, you wanna buy it right? :rofl:

See you tomorrow the 1st of April between 6- 8 PM UTC in the Gicoin DAO server: Gitcoin


@ZER8 I want to participate but for some reason that I don’t know I can’t access the server, could any of you help me?

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