A christmas gift from 1hive community

Hey everyone,

The Christmas season can be a difficult time for many. As 1Hive community members, we can help warm hearts by making a donation to save the children. When you donate to save the children you’re :

I’ve picked this foundation because it’s an important cause and they accept crypto as payment. This may seem to be an unusual request, but on the night of Christmas, all donation from the 1Hive community will be sent to the children in needs.

Adress to send some fund : 0xF962410971AEc4D5c69AB5242E337879c6948AAB

They only accept ETH & BTC. Therefore, if you want to donate in HNY, I’ll sell them and transfer them to ETH.

For my part, I’ll be donating 100$ USD to the foundation.
If you want to read more about the foundation: https://www.savethechildren.org/


Love the initiative @Felix, sent 100 xdai to that address.


That’s cool! I’ll send it on the 25 December with my contribution. If anyone wants to help, but don’t want to donate, I’ll take all the cred from this post and converted it to ETH!


This is really nice Felix. From the last two years I am donating some from my salary to Savethechildren Organization. As a appreciation from 1hive side I will send my this week pollen distribution to the address and as regular some money from my salary.

Thanks for the initiative.