A hard talk about Faucet and Free money...(dont miss!)

It was a week before that I had a conversation with guys in doscord live voice chat (cafe). It was about HNY and the faucet Free money service…

I have two 4 and 7 years old children. and i had registered accounts for them and some people in my family which are unfamiliar with computer. they dont know how to use computers and i’m sure you have some people like them around.

I had a problem with honey Claiming and asked cafe, live chat guys to help me; and among taking their help, they asked me to see my screen to guide me through. I did it and they saw my families multiple accounts inside my metamask wallet. Therefor they asked me about the reason of those multiple accounts and a vast conversation began as they got so suspicious about me.

They asked me questions like: how could you register multiple BrightID accounts?
Me: I did’nt. they had created their own accounts and asked me to facilitate the rest of those complicated things around the money and the wallet.

Some of the guys sayd: they should not take HNY since they don’t know how to use computers…
for example your kid, that is a 4 years old and it should not take money. I told him, why we have the word: “Free Money” in the faucet? without such rules you say? and does “Free Money” mean something, other than Free Money? and did you asked people to have computer knowledge to use this offer? sayed: it is just for people that use our services not the others and it is not UBI or people should not use it since it is just for advertising 1hive. Some of them told me that: this is some kind of stealing since leads lowering the others portions of shares! I told that: what would be the difference between those so that one of them have the right to use this service and the other does not have it?! what is the thing that makes differences? A right for someone to use this service which prevents the other person to use it at the same time? so were would be the equality, humanity, morality since we want to build a new fair and better world? what was the philosophy of blockchain and its goodness since our minds did not grow as well and we think likely old and similar to governers who like to censor things for the guys they want? are we making a new dictatorship? inside blockchain?! which aimed to pull over the central tyrannical centralized powers? Is this acceptable for us to do the same thing that we were blaming our governments for?
They sayed that: this is just an advertisement payment that only should reach to whom who use the system. I told them: if you cast a Tv Ad in a sat worldwide, how many final users do you expect to pay and use your service among people who watched that Ad? in most cases almost 3% would be perfect to purchase your product. so why do you expect 100% of the users opt in without any leaks? why we dont understand community as it is and want to force something without any kind? and expect them to be so predictable like pieces of codes?
some of them told that: Are we idiots to give free money through the faucet ?!!!
Then i told: I think that the faucet is a smart idea that makes a huge benefit for 1hive. as it leads to make honey so popular among the complementary portion of society, and it will be well known gradually. like USD which is popular around the world, HNY is getting known perfectly by this type of irregular strange accurate type of payment which is free.

And the last word: understanding blockchain is not easy for people. so motivating them via Free Money is a good idea to encourage them to know the system, and therefore to use the system, marketing the system in a natural, autonomous way.

Finally: faucet is awesome, and it will lead to an unexpected amazing future for 1hive and the worldwide society.


We weren’t that bothered about you being able to use the faucet for multiple individuals, despite the fact that you were doing the whole process for them, except the bright id verification, and basically none of those people were actually being introduced to 1hive and using the xdai network.
We were mainly worried that BrightID was being abused and the implications that would have for our project. From celeste to quadratic voting.

We don’t care much about the faucet. I personally don’t mind if some people are just coming for the faucet and don’t learn a lot about 1hive. I do care a lot if brightID is failing badly.


I think it’s a cool way to introduce smalls to DAO and blockchain.
Maybe they don’t know what’s going on to a big degree, but it will be an early memory and it may influence their overall feelings and later actions regarding both.

As long as they’re BrightID verified, legit, I don’t see the problem.
This is as good of a reason as any to keep the drip small, tbh.

As a side note, if the children are the ones actually getting the Honey then that’s really terrific, because the small amount of money makes a much bigger difference to a child.
Getting even $6 or $7 a month is a real windfall to a lot of children, even in the US.
Idk what baby teeth go for these days, but a lot of families that would cover a few.

And you don’t even have to lie about tiny witches buying their shed body parts.


Actually, that’s a month’s supply of daily beans if you catch a grocery store going out of business. :no_mouth:

Thanks luigy for ur reply,
Sure i also concern about BrightID failing. It a big advance in blockchain era. We all love it.

And about your concernation about introduction to 1hive:
They all ask the name of the system that provide this service at the first steps, and now, they are already introduced to the system and will get more familiar step by step, as there are much services besides in 1hive…


That was a great read everyone :slight_smile: seems like a good community, Thanks!

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