A project to solve the problems of community expansion

Converting Fiat to xdai for 1hive is a hassle:

  1. Government bans and legal issues such as taxes. For example, Iranians and Americans do not have access to bsc and bitmax.
  2. Given that micro-capital is one of the most important target groups for 1hive, minimizing the Fiat to xdai conversion fee is crucial for xdai expansion. Our suggestion is to create a distributed market that is created and managed by 1hive (distribute maker / taker market)
    The pattern is taken from localbitcoin, but with a difference that a dao is placed on the market, which causes the market to be decentralized.
  • Our team has an idea to create a stable coin market to solve some of these problems !!

I will provide more details about the project in recent days!
Please help us improve the project with your comments.



i agree,if i wasn’t lucky enough to know a man who can turn IRT to Xda,i wouldn’t have a chance to participate here…I also know many people who just don’t know how to do it or can not do it in easy way … but if we make it is then we can attract many of less eager people to join and make here much bigger


Your simple and expressive explanation is a big part of my argument for building fiat-xdai market-maker. Well done :+1:
I believe 1hive can become the gateway to the whole crypto world!.. This great community deserve it


I’ve been thinking about this as well, moving fiat to STAKE was a massive pain indeed.

It seems though that a fiat-crypto bridge is a lot of legal hassle that is only worth for 100B companies (hm hm Coinbase).

Instead of trying to bring fiat money to the xDAI chain, it will be much easier to pay people with Honey for work they accomplish, and no legal problems :slight_smile:

This seems to be done already but could definitely be pushed further inside 1Hive :slight_smile:

Thanks @webbiger
As @Sina has well mentioned, I’m particularly interested in making it easier to convert XDai to local currencies. While what you said about “mining and paying contributors” is a separate issue that is still being worked out.(pollen) We’re considering a nonstop direct fiat-xdai platform that will undoubtedly benefit 1hive community.


Our plan is to create a distributed market/maker, which helps in becoming easier to convert the Fiat to xdai, where all people in different countries of the world can be accessed!

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hi @sina
This idea is interesting and may alleviate the many problems that people have in converting different currencies
Especially newcomers who are bothered by the conversion and installation difficulties of various programs and prefer to leave the work to someone else to go through this stage themselves :pray: