Aavegotchi Collaboration on Polygon

I shared the idea over on the Aavegotchi DAO and discord, and Jesse responded with interest.

I basically want to have little pixel art assets that correlate with my LP positions so my gotchi can be my character who grows my portfolio garden.

I want to get little visual rewards for locking up and increasing my portfolio size, and I want it to be aavegotchi pixel art integrated.


For those of you who don’t know, Aavegotchi is a gamified pixel art pet NFT with some games and collectable type frameworks around it.

The core of the project is a sink for lended positions in Aave.

The project is about to create a metaverse called REALM, and their project aspirations are to be able to use the Gotchis as Avatars, so you can vote in the GotchiDAO, in a Zelda like 2d, ingame world.

This sort of gamified DAO approach has got me thinking of other use cases for Aavegotchi.

  • I want to be able to grow plots in a community garden [DeFi Yield Farming]
  • I want to be able to have a co-working space – or even participate in DAO Treasury based DeFi Yield Farming, so I can grow and manage assets in a group of people.


Honeycomb is doing great, and I see room for a correlation // collaboration with Aavegotchi on Polygon [pcomb] – especially with the porting of the Gardens over on Polygon.

I think by outsourcing in partnership – the gamified interface for these 1hive projects, there is room for non-competitive collaboration with Aavegotchi.

I know I’ve heard some Dev interest in forking the Aavegotchi project – and this makes sense, in a way, due to the effectiveness of their idea, and the fact that we have forked Aave.

However, I think I may be able to manage my [Agave - HNY LP] in a pixelated garden patch – or build a co-working clubhouse [DAO Garden] with some pixel art avatars – sooner than later, if 1hive works in partnership with aavegotchi.

I think they appreciate the hard work and DAO community that 1hive represents.

This is my Gotchi, as well as the Gotchi interface.

He’s cute, and has cool collectables, etc. And a bonding score that is really low right now, because I haven’t ‘pet’ my gotchi in a month.

This is because I need more incentive beyond the rarity farming bonding rewards that you get for a high kinship score.

The sub-conscious purpose for these things, is habituation and mind space – meaning, if I’m petting my gotchi every day, I’m more likely to be involved in the community / DAO / to invest in new gotchis, or to acquire collectibles to get better rarity scores – or earn XP by playing games.

However, I’m not really at a place in my life where I care about these things – because I’m more focused on Yield Farming, and DAO Project Development.

But I still think the fundamentals of the aavegotchi project are super solid, and I think the team’s marketing and community formation are amazing, and I like the artwork, and the idea of having a web3 avatar.


The incentives for me to manage my xcomb farming rewards every day are already present, and my incentives for participating / contributing meaningfully to the 1hive discourse / discord or metagame discord with meaningful contributions or insights are facilitated by source cred.

And the time that I’m investing in creating a dAO / marketing guild centers around me building up my own web3 compatible art business.


So, basically, I think if there is interest in collaborative connection on part of the Aavegotchi team / DAO and the 1hive team / dao – there could be some really fun interoperability here, which would be a net benefit to people involved, and would also be non-competitive.

It may even be possible to plug agave lended tokens into Aavegotchi as well – rather than just forking a whole new instance.

I doubt that it would make much of an impact into the aave market share – but if the agave community wanted to participate in agave gotchis – they may be able to do that as well.

Seems like an area worthy of investigation or discussion – and maybe something can be started for the honeycomb polygon launch if both teams are open.


what a wonderful idea :dizzy:

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Maybe the GHST-USDC or other cryptocurrencies paired with GHST can be added in the farm opportunities in the future when the Polygon farm is launched.


Great idea @rootdraws

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Any news on their end?

I have shared the launch dates for the polygon version of pcomb.

Though honestly i am a bit reticent to push for an immediate collaboration since it is basically the unstated intention of 1hive to hype and then drain rug pcomb into oblivion while it distributes.

Given the prevalence of that degen strat in the xcomb launch.

I have informed them of the pending airdrop on honeycomb by participating in the lps on honeyswap.

If honeyswap listed a usdc- ghst pair and incentivized it on launch with pcomb rewards — and we moved to validate that Now. Then i would feel like it would be a great thing to push further to have the aavegotchi team come up with a way for their gotchi UI plug into the polygon farm.

I think the ui is already there — it would basically be a supplemental front end plugging into the same contracts and interacting with the same pools, but with some cute pixel art.

It may even be possible to get a reward incentive pair with GHST for dual liquidity farming.

However, it would not be very gracious to eat the first fruits of the farm and then invite a collaborator to the table unless they were being invited to join at the bottom of the distribution of pcomb, — which is honestly not that great because the pools will all be diluted and we all know that is the exciting time to participate.


Ceres is chatting with Jesse now.

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