Add Custom Tokens to your Wallet

Hi Everyone,

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Lot of new people are asking and personally DMs me that we are claiming Honey from the faucet and it’s not showing in my wallet?.

So to make it easier for them I’m just posting step by step process in this thread. This applies not only for HNY but also for all the tokens which are supported on xDai Chain network.

  1. Click on "Add Token"

  2. Click on "Custom Token"

  3. Paste the token contract address and click Next. (Here i am giving HNY contract address).


  4. Then click on Add tokens.

  5. Done you can see the Balance in your wallet.

For the list of tokens supported in xDai chain are available here -

Note: This is my first post. Please let me know if made any mistakes.


Thank you Satish. I am also thinking about where are my tokens. just followed the process and now I can see my tokens in my metamask wallet.

Nice work on creating the How-To post.
This will be a good reference for new people.

Thanks for the info Satish. It’s a good reference to the new people like me.

Nice tutorial! I freaked out the first time i made a swap without the token being added to MM :sweat_smile:

By the way, you can find the contract address of the token in or by checking your wallet address in to find the token you have. :wink:

This is great for those who use this wallet to use tokens to know their assets