Add RPC info to the wrong network error box

I just shared honeyswap with someone, but quickly realised they’ll need additional info. Would be dope if we had it right here to copy n paste

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Interesting! I think this could be a good idea. I can modify the header which shows the error to display the common RPCs. Wonder what @fabriv, @onbjerg and @fioreb think about this.

Yeap it will be good to someone who are new to xdai chain if transaction dosent go through.Then some info box pop out or something like that - Please update your chain and then drop down list with correct info for xdai chain.

think we could have a button to add it to metamask automatically?

That has to be done through metamask doesn’t it?

There isn’t a way to do that yet unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face: Best we can do is link them to information somewhere or have the information in the popover.


I guess UI wise, we gotta make sure you can still read the popover content when the Metamask overlay is active. I’v struggled with that many times lol