Add xDai RPC to Metamask

Make this the most up-voted request they have


This is a great idea. I’ve upvoted and I will continue to get the word out so we can get the numbers higher. This is definitely important for adoption.


I just checked and it is by far the most upvoted feature request, with 87 upvotes, against 7 for #2 and 6 votes for #3, which is actually the same request for the xDai rpc :slight_smile:

Do you have experience with MetaMask feature requests? Is there a timeframe they work on requested things like these? Would be great if we could announce it.

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I do not, I simply saw a need and requested it. That was my first request ever.

that is amazing! if it gets implemented then an important barrier for adoption will be removed imo

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This is an excellent idea. already voted.

Voted, this would :honeybee: great

They already rejected this idea in the past citing that they “can’t add every network” and that they would “find another way for people to add their own networks”. I guess there are two avenues we can explore

  • Fork some sort of wallet that we maintain that has xDai support
  • Bite the bullet and wait for Metamask to come up with a solution

Well, I assume it would need to be option 2 then. Not only would we not want to be responsible for a botched wallet, I think no-one should trust any non-official MM wallet anyway.

The only thing we can actively do is make HNY/xDai so big (and more important than the 4 test chains) that they’ll add us anyway.

voted, great idea! :heart_eyes:

If people just keep voting for it though, eventually they’ll have to take it seriously! :smiley:

That hasn’t been the case for any other network. As far as I am aware, they have been consistent on their policy of not adding any new networks.