💲 [AIRDROP 18K UMA Protocol]💲 May be worth $18,000 available by June 30

Raining airdrop again for 1hive who participated voting here and receieved Badger if you had voted on Badger DAO too my friend you are in for a treat

This is an incredible airdrop to get users from other communities involved in


Governance participants in

have received 90 options which could be worth up to $18k

Quickly you can check in below if you are eligible
List of addresses


The claim will be available by 30th June as per the devs in discord

How its worth 18K is currently UMA is worth around 25$ and current TVL is 83M

so if it reaches 2B then $18000 is the reward
average if reaches around 700M it will be worth $6750.



Participated in below governance

DeFi Governance Communities

Snapshot voters for Yearn, Yam, Sushi, BadgerDAO, and Balancer — 90 Options

UMA Community Participants

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Hi @sand3sh, this airdrop I already posted at this thread

Didnt notice - I missed your Mask post also good finds between :slight_smile:

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Excelente por todos los que recibieron

Aún no hemos recibido, según el TVL de UMA, el lanzamiento aéreo probablemente en JULIO. 1000 $ podría ser el objetivo

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