🔥[AIRDROP ELITESWAP]🔥 How to claim ELT worth now 25$ for UniSwap participators

If you have used Uniswap before 26th Jan, 2021 you should have 20,000 ELT tokens to claim.
May be we need to wait for lesser gas fees to see if this is any beneficial. Since 20000 ELT is approx 25$ now


  1. Go to https://eliteswap.io/#/swap/
  2. Connect you wallet, Be on Ethereum Main Net
  3. Click on Claim
  4. Pay for gas fees for transaction. Then ELT is in your wallet.

Current Value can be checked here


Its a uniswap clone. Gas is as much as the coins and no liquidity to sell

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In Uniswap There is 2000$ more than enough for swap.

may be check the liquidity in Eliteswap itself I havent checked let me see,

Eliteswap exchange is dead though :grin: is that issue with the site or what

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Thanks for letting us know, but it seems like its just a generic uniswap clone not worth claiming the airdrop

I waited until late hours EST and claimed it for $5 in gas fees. Worth about $20 right now