AIRDROP Freedom Reserve (UPDATE 2nd airdrop) - Direct to Wallet 1000 FR Tokens

UPDATE 2nd Airdrop

The addresses who received the first airdrop were not included in this airdrop.

Who is eligible

  • Top 100 liquidity providers on honeyswap
  • Anyone holding Unifty (NIF) Token

1st Airdrop

Why Airdrop to 1hive

To increase the number of holders of the token and to stimulate trading volume of the FR-xDAI pair on Honeyswap. Freedom Reserve (FR) wanted to attract a loyal community, on a low fee network, and close to an exchange such as honeyswap.

Who is eligible

Addresses that claimed from the faucet AND voted on Honeypot should be eligible. You did not need to provide liquidity on Honeyswap to get airdrop.

xDai FR token address: 0x270DE58F54649608D316fAa795a9941b355A2Bd0

Airdrop Criteria

About Freedom Reserve

“Freedom Reserve was created on 05.11.2020 by an anonymous group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their aim is to reform the whole world’s economic system by creating the perfect form of money. A non-inflationary, easy to use electronic decentralised cryptocurrency to replace government issued currency.”, Freedom Reserve Website



A welcome idea , so waiting for update ,

Looking forward to the update

@troiano9 @xoduxoxo
You get the airdrop (1000FR tokens) if
Provided liquidity on honeyswap and used the same address to claim from the xdai faucet.

Sounds good, when is the airdrop?

The airdrop has already happened as it seems.

Provided some liquidity to the FR-HNY pair, by the way.

I didn’t get any tokens for the moment. Who is eligible? Any requirements?

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Strange, checked blockscount and dont have the airdrop. Have been provided liquidity and farming for months and been doing the Xdai faucet as well.

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I received the tokens today. Thanks! :honeybee:

Cool looking forward to it!

Addresses that claimed from the faucet AND voted on Honeypot should be eligible. Airdrop has been executed and is complete.

hi how is the claim process what are the steps

Cómo se reciben como se que fui elegido

no claim needed. it was direct deposit to wallet if you voted and claimed faucet with same address

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Is it still active? & How can I vote?

No airdrop completed

ya vi los fondos en mi wallet gracias

I received the tokens XD

recieved thx, look forward to seeing where they go with it

Is it current lp or lp ever?
Oh derp reread.

Like I’m complaining lol.
You’re tireless.