[AIRDROP $MASK up to 400$ base on ITO price] How to claim MASK token

Noted : MASK token not live yet. The worth of airdrop value base on the ITO price which will happen today

To claim MASK token, you need to install MASK extension wallet, below is the instruction :

Create your Mask account:


  • Download and install Mask at http://mask.io.
  • You can also search Mask Network in the Chrome or Firefox extension store.


New users can follow the instructions to setup.

  • Create a new persona.
  • Click “Connect with a Twitter account”.

  • Mask will redirect to the Twitter page and detect your username.
  • Confirm your username and click “Connect to twitter.com”.
  • Now you can say Hi to your friends! Click “Compose Encrypted Post” and choose who can decrypt your post.

Set up Wallet

  • Mask will automatically create a new wallet address for new users.
  • Click the blue “Mask” button on the top right corner.
  • Click “Enter Dashboard”.
  • Click “Wallets” to view your wallet. Remember to backup!

Change Wallets

Method 1:

  • Click the “Mask” button on the top right corner.
  • Click “Enter Dashboard”.
  • Click “Wallets”.
  • Click the existing wallet address.
  • Click “Change” to connect with your daily wallet. (Now supports MetaMask and WalletConnect)

Method 2:

  • Search $XXX in Twitter.
  • Click “Swap🔥”.
  • Click the existing wallet address.
  • Click “Change” to connect with your daily wallet.

Claim $MASK Airdrops


  • Go to the blue “MASK” button circled in the image below.
  • Click to see how many $MASK tokens you are eligible to receive.

Detail :

Good luck @everyone !


Alittle confused on who gets the airdrop

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Read this article https://masknetwork.medium.com/check-airdrop-not-claimable-feature-is-live-ed297d5130fc

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This is mine received but only can claim to wallet after 27/2


Their medium page seems to be deleted. You guys sure this isn’t a scam?

its not a scam, its a solid project. Not endorsing the token, i dont think its even necessary, but they have a working product and it is very cool

Check their twitter https://twitter.com/realmaskbook and VC seed investors guys. It really legit , the future of defi and web3


hola buenos dias sera que hacen una proxima ronda para nuevos participantes

MASK listing Huobi : https://support.hbfile.net/hc/en-us/articles/900004647546-Huobi-Inno-Hub-Will-Launch-MASK-Deposit-Trade-and-Hold-Share-65000-MASK

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Kinda sus not gonna lie


signed up got nothing, deleting

No delete, maybe some problem from server. Try it again

Airdrop available to claim at 3:00am, UTC+0 on February 27th, 2021

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For someone could not open medium article

Hey @wikisum great find… i wish i could always get notified of all the valid Airdrops somehow… i am sure i missed a bunch of eligible airdrops coz i am not 24/7 on CT and on top of all the DEFI things.
I can understand why some of you would by suspicious as the medium account related to this project has been suspended. I did some basic research and the twitter account seems still valid with some quality CT accounts following this account. I know that it may not mean much, but Uniswap has close to 2 M in liquidity which is not small… I had no issues claiming although i really pray to the Ethereum gods to give us L2 soon as every time i pay the horrendous fee to claim stuff i seem to loose a part of me… lol… Anyways I hope everyone else that has been airdropped from the community can claim their tokens and do something cool with it.

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Somehow I can’t claim my 50 Mask do you guys have the same issue?

Try refresh your browser. You should try to claim asap due to it will reduce your reward

This account is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.

This does not bode well.

Sure @sand3sh, Nice day to you