[AIRDROP PAINT] For all users holding NFTs about $600

Brief: 40% to existing NFT holders (we collated a list of 45511 addresses of ERC721 NFT hodlers with both incoming and outgoing ERC721 transactions and thus demonstrate competency with ERC721, snapshotted 18/12/2020; each address will be able to claim 193,537 PAINT) totalling 8,808,062,407 PAINT

Details: https://murall.medium.com/paint-token-information-4ebec3a84d6

For lazy guy:
Directly visit https://murall.art/home and connect with your metamask(Ethreum Mainnet). Check the available amount you can claim at the top right.

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No paint for me :confused:

Seguiremos en la lucha para la proxima jeejejej

I don’t know how you managed that but your website can make my 12-core CPU freeze under the heavy load.