[AIRDROP $RULER up to 3200$ base on Ruler token price] How to claim 2 #RULER token

As per I known, You will get 2 Ruler token worth of more than 3000$ if you have participated in Cover Protocol, Yearn Ecosystem, Inverse governance (via snapshot.page), and Ruler testing programs.



A total of 10,000 RULER tokens is set aside for airdrops. There will be multiple airdrops. The first airdrop, consisting of ~3,200 tokens, is claimable as of launch by those who have participated in Cover Protocol, Yearn Ecosystem, Inverse governance (via snapshot.page), and Ruler testing programs. From launch you will have 20 days to claim your token(s). After 20 days you will no longer be able to claim your airdrop and it will be sent to the treasury.


Claim your airdrop : Access to https://app.rulerprotocol.com/ connect your wallet , you will see the button to claim your airdop as per pics below.

I am not lucky but good luck to all you guys :kissing_heart:

Detail :

Ruler on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ruler-protocol

Good luck everyone !


thanks for greatful information.

very great. thanks for share

@wikisum you are like the airdrop oracle… :smiley: :smiley: , I wish you had a twitter feed with all the airdrop information. I would subscribe and not miss one !! haha! I have not qualified as well for this one… but hope that the airdrop expands to other DEFI participants… looks like a substantial amount … so keeping fingers crossed and hoping you post it here again when the next airdrop round is here!!

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Thanks for sharing man. Wierd, it seems like the dont support metamask only walletconnect?

Very good :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

It supported alot of wallets per pic below so make sure you are in Ethereum mainnet

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Oh yeah I was on xdai. However I clicked MEW once and now it just instantly takes me to mew page on play store doesn’t let me change lol will have to try again later from pc

Thanks so much for your kind word. I will try my best :smiley:

Oh nice I am elegible!

What do u think about future token price?


Congrats @Kaselol , :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep it and farm it on ruler protocol, you will get huge profit.


Do you think It Will incrase its price??

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Yes , It just beginning I thought. Farm with high APY now

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Congrats man that is an awesome airdrop, do you know what you did to be eligible? I am not, I think I must do something with yearn, seems like lots of projects are giving airdrops to yearn ecosystem users


I heard somewhere that Ruler will be have 3 times airdrop for users but not sure exactly time and how to eligible .

According to the statement in medium article , this is just the first airdrop


yea @Kaselol could you please let us know what you did to be eligible. I agree with you @cryptoclip, seems like a lot of DEFI drop are for YEARN governance participants… does anyone here know if its on-chian or off -chain governance. If its on-chian would be fairly expensive with current gas prices… although it may guarantee future airdrops, but need capital now to be able to waste may be a few hundred dollars to vote!!

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Yeah Bro, there was 3 options in this Airdrop: yfi, cover and inv gobernances!

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which one did you do and how did yo udo it?

I have only done cover governance.


thanks man, appreciate you responding! I must put on my task list to do cover and yearn governance