Align Incentives - KPI Options

I want to start out by saying I was introduced to 1Hive and Honeyswap a few weeks before launch on Polygon and was seriously impressed with the product. I later came to find out Honeyswap/1Hive were xDAI native products and have since been lurking in the community here and been equally as impressed with what has been going on on xDAI.

1Hive is a vibrant community with a wide range of products and users. During the last few months I’ve also come into contact with the UMA Community and joined on there. Their KPI Options ( integrations have been extremely impressive as of late in helping communities align incentives and reward beneficial behavior. The most shocking example to me has been Badger and their DIGG liquidity mining incentives. Implementation of KPI Options here essentially took a struggling DIGG and has since transformed them into a vibrant community in talks to seperate as their own DAO due to how much they’ve grown.

Other examples include UMA’s own self-tested options, Aragon (, and Balancer. In each example specific Key Performance Indicators were chosen and Options were either airdropped or rewarded to community members. As those KPIs are achieved a larger portion of those options become redeemable for the underlying token.

How I would see this being used with 1Hive would be setting some KPIs (In this case I would think TVL on 1Hive or unique HNY address holders could be used, however this is extremely flexible). I know there was some talk of implementing KPIs for Agave and this is another option. Then tokens airdropped to holders, or earned as LM incentive on top of current rewards, with the redeem value increasing as goals are progressively hit. Now this is getting a bit long and I’d love to hear others opinions on this.

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I don’t understand if you are suggesting this idea is a profit making project for 1hive or as a rewards distribution system. The product itself seems great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will be reading up via your provided links for further education before commenting any further. I just wondered about what your vision is with the KPI-Options & 1hive.

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Apologies I kind of stopped abruptly, was typing this up on mobile and just ran out of patience. As for my idea for it, I would see it as a way to do both. By setting and achieving said KPIs it would benefit 1Hive profit-wise while simultaneously rewarding community members for their assistance in doing so. It would also help set a clear unifying vision for what we’re trying to accomplish at 1Hive as opposed to several unassociated projects. There’s something to say to that point with decentralization but having an overarching vision should not hurt decentralization.

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