All you need is HONEY - Powerpoint

My name is Picklebutt_Dobby nice to meet you all!

Thank you for all the HONEY LOVERS and the honey community!
Honey is MONEY!

I have created a FUN powerpoint that will help you get into about: xdai network: metakmask, Honeyswap/uniswap, bridge app and xdai network. I have put a lot of effort into this and I hope this helps our community learn more! Feel free to donate if you like this content :slight_smile:
Love you all and lets go HONEY :slight_smile: ENJOY!

here is the website :


Feel free to leave feedback on here :slight_smile:

Honey is money , honey is life ! Nice stuff man that’s unique !

So the PDF is the slideshow, correct? Why is the 2nd page about Polkadot?

This is great. We definitely need more tutorials and information for beginners. Cool stuff @picklebutt_dobby

I have updated my slideshow now. Thanks for the feedback.

This is great work thanks